Continuous Enrollment

A New, Easier Way to Stay Enrolled

We are excited to share that King David is simplifying its re-enrollment process for parents by moving to a new model known as continuous enrollment. We love our King David families and are so proud to see such strong retention numbers year after year (over 96% of students re-enroll). However, we recognized that the re-enrollment process is time consuming and continuous enrollment makes the process much simpler for subsequent years. This is the last year you will need to complete a full re-enrollment or enrollment contract! From 2023-2024, all you will need to do is review important information e.g. household, medical, emergency contacts, and confirm financial information. After reading the FAQs below, if you still have questions, please contact Natasha Winestock for tuition-related questions or Debbie Appelbaum for enrollment-related questions.
  • How does Continuous Enrollment benefit my family?
    Continuous Enrollment’s “one and done” process offers your family simplicity. Once you sign your Continuous Enrollment Contract, you will never have to deal with re-enrollment again (unless your family plans change). In the event that things do change, you will have until the Continuous Enrollment Anniversary each March to submit the Withdrawal Form to the Admissions Office.
  • What is the Continuous Enrollment Anniversary?
    King David will celebrate our Continuous Enrollment Anniversary on March 1. Parents will receive reminders prior to the anniversary date, asking those who are considering leaving our school to notify us prior to the anniversary date. Those who are withdrawing their students will complete a Withdrawal Form; all other parents will have the convenience of ignoring this message!
  • Do I still have to pay a Tuition Deposit?
    Yes! All families who have not submitted a Withdrawal Form on or before the Continuous Enrollment Anniversary date – March 1, will pay Annual Commitment Deposits – previously known as Tuition Deposits.
  • What if my plans change after the Continuous Enrollment Anniversary? Unique circumstances…
    King David recognizes that family plans change. Families will be refunded all tuition paid for the upcoming school year less the Annual Commitment Deposit if the school is notified, after the Opt-Out Deadline and before the beginning of the school year, that:
    • The family is relocating 50 km away from the school; or
    • Other unique circumstances as approved by the Head of School (HOS) at the sole discretion of the HOS
  • What if I am a current family and want to enroll a sibling?
    Enrolling a sibling of a current student is the same as enrolling a new student. Each student will have their own Continuous Enrollment Contract.
  • How will I know what Tuition and School Fees are from year-to-year?
    For the 2023-2024 school year and onwards, as stated in the Continuous Enrollment Contract, prior to the Withdrawal deadline, King David will publish the upcoming school year’s Annual Tuition, School Fees, and acceptable payment options in a communication to parents.
  • Does this change how the Tuition Assistance process is handled?
    No. Tuition assistance applications will still be processed through FAST or by Verification and the due dates for those applications will remain the same.
  • What is the penalty if I do not withdraw by the Continuous Enrollment Anniversary date?
    After the Continuous Enrollment Anniversary date (March 1), the Annual Commitment Deposit is forfeited.

King David gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support of the Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver.