Administration and Faculty


Name Email Title
Russ Klein [email protected] Head of School
Alex Monchamp [email protected] Deputy Head of School
Rabbi Stephen Berger [email protected] Head of Judaic Studies
Debbie Appelbaum [email protected] Director of Admissions and Communications
Ellia Belson [email protected] Director of Jewish Life and Events and Judaic Studies Teacher
Natasha Winestock [email protected] Controller
Esther Mogyoros [email protected] Director of Development
Danielle Paloposki [email protected] Director of Teaching and Learning
Tanvir Bhambra [email protected] Office Administrative Assistant
Justine Folk [email protected] Development Assistant
May Lam [email protected] Accounts Payable Specialist
Tina Randhawa [email protected] Office Manager
Jane Sanden [email protected] Communications Manager
Karen Wong [email protected] Bookkeeper /Administrative Assistant
Michele Zychlinski [email protected] Development Assistant
Jess Sabado [email protected] Head Custodian
Noni Mendoza Custodian
Scott Williamson Network Administrator


Name Email Title
David Amram [email protected] Athletic Director and Physical Education Teacher
Corin Bailey [email protected] Hebrew and Social Studies Teacher
Andy Beadon [email protected] Director of Technology and ADST Teacher Leader
Shira Bogner [email protected] Student Support Specialist
Benje Bondar [email protected] Learning Support Teacher Leader
Amanda Cameron [email protected] Social Studies and Social Justice Teacher
Jodi Cristall [email protected] Post-Secondary Course and Career Counsellor
Matthew Dichter [email protected] Social Studies and Outdoor Education Teacher
Nicole Dumas [email protected] Visual Arts Teacher
Dorin Eilon-Heiber [email protected] Hebrew Coordinator and Hebrew and Judaic Studies Teacher
David Gorski [email protected] Law and Business Education Teacher
Rabbi Ishai Gottlieb [email protected] Judaics Studies Teacher
Camelia Kasirer [email protected] Math and Hebrew Teacher
Tali Keselman [email protected] Hebrew Teacher
Julie Lane [email protected] Math Teacher
Maiya Letourneau [email protected] Teacher Librarian
Janice Liknaitzky [email protected] Student Support Specialist
Vivian Londoño [email protected] Spanish Teacher
Justine Martins [email protected] English Teacher
Cale McDonald [email protected] Geography and PE Teacher
Lewis McGinn [email protected] Social Studies Teacher
Krystal McKay [email protected] Drama Teacher
Cameron Metcalfe [email protected] Chemistry and Science Teacher
Brady Mymko [email protected] Biology and Science Teacher
Orly Naim [email protected] Hebrew and Judaic Studies Teacher
Megan Neary [email protected] French Teacher
Hilit Nurick [email protected] Home Economics Teacher
Clare Ripley [email protected] English Teacher
Abby Remick [email protected] Post-Secondary Course and Career Counsellor
Johnny Seguin [email protected] Music Teacher
Lisa Stibravy [email protected] Librarian
Shula Talmaciu [email protected] Hebrew and Judaic Studies Teacher
Donna Thomas [email protected] English Teacher
Irit Uzan [email protected] Calculus and Physics Teacher
Marie Vondracek [email protected] Physical Education and French Teacher
Anna-Mae Wiesenthal [email protected] Psychology and Jewish History Teacher
Lu Winters [email protected] Academic and Student Wellness Counsellor
Kathy Zhang [email protected] Art Teacher

King David gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support of the Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver.