Administration and Faculty


Name Email Title
Russ Klein Head of School
Alex Monchamp Deputy Head of School
Rabbi Stephen Berger Head of Judaic Studies
Debbie Appelbaum Director of Admissions and Communications
Sandy Jorgenson Business Manager
Esther Mogyoros Director of Development
Ellia Belson Director of Jewish Life and Events and Judaic Studies Teacher
Helen Begley Accounting Assistant
Tanvir Bhambra Office Administrative Assistant
Tina Randhawa Office Manager
Breanne Rogers Communications Coordinator
Syma Shaheen Development Associate
Karen Wong Bookkeeper Administrative Assistant
Jess Sabado Head Custodian
Noni Mendoza Custodian
Scott Williamson Network Administrator


Name Email Title
David Amram Athletic Director and Physical Education Teacher
Benje Bondar Learning Support Teacher Leader
Amanda Cameron Social Studies and Social Justice Teacher
Ira Cooper English and Drama Teacher
Jordana Corenblum Community Connections and Special Programs Counsellor
Jodi Cristall Post-Secondary Course and Career Counsellor
Matthew Dichter Social Studies and Outdoor Education Teacher
Dorin Eilon-Heiber Hebrew and Judaic Studies Teacher
Elana Freedman Judaic Studies Teacher
David Gorski Law and Business Education Teacher
Camelia Kasirer Math and Hebrew Teacher
Tali Keselman Hebrew Teacher
Julie Lane Math and Graduation Transitions Teacher
Janice Liknaitzky Student Support Specialist
Vivian Londoño Spanish Teacher
Richelle Mackenzie English Teacher
Krystal McKay Student Support Specialist
Cameron Metcalfe Chemistry and Science Teacher
Brady Mymko Biology and Science Teacher
Megan Neary French Teacher
Corin Neuman Hebrew and Social Studies Teacher
Hilit Nurick Home Economics Teacher
Abby Remick Post-Secondary Course and Career Counsellor
Johnny Seguin Music Teacher
Lisa Stibravy Librarian
Gil Talmaciu Student Support Specialist
Shula Talmaciu Hebrew and Learning Support Teacher
Donna Thomas English and History Teacher
Irit Uzan Calculus and Physics Teacher
Marie Vondracek PE and French Teacher
Anna-Mae Wiesenthal Psychology and Jewish History Teacher
Lu Winters Academic and Student Wellness Counsellor
Kathy Zhang Visual Arts Teacher

King David gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support of the Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver.