Weekly Newsletter- December 17, 2021

December 17, 2021 / Tevet 13, 5782

Shabbat Begins: 3:57 p.m.  Shabbat Ends: 5:10 p.m.  
Zachary Bordan, Grade 11, was chosen to give the Dvar Torah on Bonjour Chai, a weekly Canadian Jewish current affairs podcast. They are the flagship podcast for the relaunched Canadian Jewish News and the most popular Canadian Jewish podcast. At the end of every episode, the podcast usually shares a word of wisdom from Rabbis from across the country and recently they have started to include younger voices from our Jewish schools. We are proud that Zachary Bordan was accepted to offer his words of Torah for the upcoming Parsha of Vayachi, closing out the book of Genesis/Breisheet. Zachary wrote and recorded his own thoughts on the Parsha. We are hoping to include many more voices from King David in upcoming episodes. You can listen to this episode (Bon Jew, Bad Jew) anywhere podcasts are available: Apple, Spotify and on the CJN’s website.
Educating the next leaders

King David High School student and Climate Education Reform British Columbia member Sara Bauman was interviewed with Russ Klein, Head of School, for the Jewish Independent by journalist, Jan Lee.

Bauman said it’s important for students to be part of the solution. “The most important thing, at least for me,” she said, “is to get students to envision a better world and help them feel inspired, empowered and engaged because, a lot of the time, we hear about climate change and it’s a lot of doom and gloom. [Working] with CERBC has allowed me to put my climate anxiety into other things and channel it into meaningful action, and I want other students to have the chance to do the same.”
Above top left to right: Students learn to tye a tie with Coach Marie Vondracek, Jane Sanden our Communications Manager, shares how she started a side hustle, Math Teacher Julie Lane describes her virtual walking tours around the world, and Learning Support Teacher Leader Benje Bondar teaches students about one of his favourite games- backgammon.
Over the past two weeks, we have been piloting a new concept in our Social and Emotional Learning program called TAG.

Our overarching exploration in TAG this year is Identity. These weeks we have been hearing from various teachers who are sharing a little piece of their personal identity/passions with our students. The goal behind these presentations is for students to get to know their teachers a little better, to open the door to possibilities, and to model presentation skills. We hope that in the Spring, students will prepare a similar presentation about themselves to share with their TAG groups in a supportive environment.

Thank you to all of the staff who have taken the time to prepare and present to our students. King David is a family environment and now we know each other a bit better.
In Science 8 Accelerated and Science 9 classes students are conducting chemistry experiments to demonstrate their understanding of chemical reactions.
In Science 8 class students conducted a heart dissection to learn the tools and techniques for investigating specimen samples. 
Anatomy and Physiology 12 students investigate our class pet (Spots the fungi) under the microscope. Students compare what they see to other human cells such as brain cells, muscle cells, lung cells, and sperm cells.
The long-term impact of the recent floods is resonating amongst our students and they have come together in a number of ways to collect money to donate to relief efforts. One initiative, organized by the Chesed Club was a Bake Sale on Wednesday.

Students stayed late on Tuesday to bake chocolate chip muffins, lemon-blueberry muffins, brownies and chocolate chip cookies in our King David Kosher kitchen that they then sold to students and staff on Wednesday and Thursday.
Chesed Club (pictured from left to right): Neta Goldman, Ali Fadida, Liya Dorfman, Ravid Lapid, Hannah Kertesz, Simoana Dreyshner, Shirley Averbuch, and Danielle Alterman
Congratulations to the Junior Boys Basketball team for their upset win in the first round of the Rod Thomson Junior Boys Rebels Classic Tournament, on Tuesday. The Lions have advanced to the winner side of the bracket in this 16 team tournament and will finish between 1st and 8th depending on how their remaining 3 games go. Both the referee and coach of the Burnaby Rebels remarked how our boys were very disciplined, sportsmanlike, structured and hard working. Way to go team!
Senior Boys Basketball opened up their regular season with a win against Stratford Hall last week. Thanks to Coaches Amram, Vondracek and Martimbault for training and supporting the team.
So many things in our world may have changed, but King David continues to be the same warm, challenging and vibrant high school that it has always been! We hope you are considering King David as the high school for your child next year!

Applications are completed online and are due by Friday, January 14, 2022.

Shabbat Shalom!
Speaking of Normal – An Evening of Stigma-Busting Comedy  
The Wellness Institute and Project L’Chaim

January 12 7:00 p.m.

A Zoom event hosted by TSN personality, Michael Landsberg featuring award-winning counselor and stand-up comic David Granirer and his team of comics from Stand Up for Mental Health.

Click image for more information
Code Name: Rafiach- Documentary Screening
Beth Israel

Monday January 31 7:00 p.m.

Come join us for a special screening for a movie about the heroic attempts to bring Holocaust survivors to Eretz Israel during the British Mandate.
Youth are invited to join us starting at 6:20 p.m. the movie and pizza.

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Tu Bi’Shevat Tree Art Competition
JNF Pacific Region

Submissions due January 10, 2022

Open to all kids Grade K-12. Winner’s picture will be featured on a new certificate of appreciation and winner will be award $100 Amazon gift card. Submissions can be emailed as a jpeg to . For more info contact: 604-257-5155.
The Science and Practice of Self Care and Mindful Teaching
MindUP For Educators

This course designed for adults working in education will introduce you to the research and science around well-being and mindful teaching through the lens of MindUP’s four pillars – neuroscience, mindful awareness, social and emotional learning, and positive psychology. This course will offer you opportunities to learn, reflect and develop strategies to help you manage stress and support your mental well-being.  

Click image for more information
Self-Care and Well-Being
MindUP for Adults

This short course was developed with a focus on all adults (parents, administrators, educators, community members) to help you develop knowledge and skills to support your personal well-being. You will be introduced to the research and science around stress management and well-being and provided with simple strategies to help you manage stress and support your mental well-being across many areas of your life—work, home, and beyond.

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