Weekly Newsletter – March 6, 2020

March 6, 2020  / 10 Adar 5780

Shabbat Begins: 5:47 p.m.   Shabbat Ends: 6:53 p.m.   
Parsha: Tetzaveh: Exodus 27:20 – 30:10

On Wednesday and Thursday evening, we held our annual theatre production at the Norman Rothstein Theatre. 

This year’s play was subText, a wonderful and timely comedy, told through a series of vignettes, about the trials and tribulations of building a new relationship in the age of the internet. Part romance and part coming of age story, the play explores how our meaning can be misunderstood when we don’t converse face to face, and how difficult it can be to reveal our true feelings.

Students have been working diligently since the fall on this production, and their hard work paid off! The show was excellent, and even featured a couple of staff cameo performances!

Thanks very much to director Ira Cooper for the time he put into our students and this production. Thanks as well to Julie Lane, for once again keeping things going smoothly and running the Front of House, to Cameron Metcalfe and Anna-Mae Wiesenthal for helping out behind-the-scenes, and to Kathy Zhang for taking photos during the performance. Our gratitude must also go out to all the parents who helped with the concession, provided props, took cast headshots, and more!

The incredible cast and crew:
Top L-R: Ori Haber, Sophia Krische, Itav Estrin, Uri Presman Chikiar, 
Sean Sandler, and Joella Pravda
Bottom L-R: Taya Asadurian, Ben Mizrahi, Yair Cohen, Connell Simkin-Watt, 
Shai Rubin, and Taya Benson

Today, we held a school-wide assembly to share information and give our students a factual understanding of the latest strain of Coronavirus; how it is spread and how to keep themselves and others healthy – particularly washing your hands! Students had an opportunity to ask questions, including concerns about the increased spread of the virus and any potential impacts on our school.
We will continue to communicate regularly with our families with both information and related updates as needed.

At the end of every term, our Grade 8 drama students host a Dramafest, where they form groups and perform skits that they’ve written themselves. They are given a theme, and are tasked with submitting a professional script, complete with not just dialogue, but character descriptions and blocking (actions that each character takes). They then memorize their lines and perform in front of a group of staff and students. 
This term, the theme was Disney, and the Grade 8s put on a couple of impressive – and funny! – plays for their audience. 

On Wednesday, Grade 5 students from VTT came to King David to work with some of our Grade 11 students – and even some of our staff – on speech writing and presenting to prepare them for an upcoming speech competition. Our students offered valuable advice and guidance to their mentees, before the Grade 5s got up and practiced giving their speeches to their peers in our atrium. 

On Tuesday morning, the whole school gathered together to give a warm sendoff to our Senior Girls Basketball team, who headed up to Kelowna for the BC Girls ‘A’ Basketball Provincials. 

A group of Grade 8 boys volunteered to lead the school in a "Viking thunder clap" for the team, and Student Council members Ethan Axler and Zevi Kline gave an introduction to each player. Rabbi Berger then gave the Tefilat Haderech, a prayer for safe travel.

The team played hard during their Provincials games, and had a wonderful time together as a team! Thanks to coaches Marie Vondracek and Michael Millman for going with our girls and leading them through a wonderful experience!

Our Bantam Boys Basketball team competed in their first final four championship this week, and were named the tournament’s Most Sportsmanlike Team. Congratulations on a wonderful season!

L-R: Sagiv Fadida, teacher Amanda Cameron, Romy Ashkenazy,
Emily Miller, and David Clark

This past week, four of our Grade 12 students went to Montreal for the Jewish Canadian Youth Model United Nations. It was a wonderful conference, with the chairs having trained and prepared wonderful committee sessions for our delegates. Sagiv Fadida dove into the Cold War-themed Crisis Committee (and the photo scavenger hunt, which he won!), trying to turn things around in the USSR after the Chernobyl disaster through his actions as the Minister of Energy. Emily Miller, as the representative of Côte d’Ivoire, helped to present resolutions to address issues such as Kurdish independence in the Security Council. Romy Ashkenazy defended Iraq’s position on the issues of statelessness in the UN High Commissioner for Refugees sessions. David Clark, as the delegate of Colombia, spoke on the issues facing the Union of South American Nations, such as drug cartels and migrants. Our students made a great impression, with other staff and students attending making comments about how friendly and thoughtful they were, and they had a meaningful and rewarding experience, learning new skills and making new friends!

Shabbat Shalom!


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