Grade 10 LA Trip – Day 1

February 12, 2020: Day 1 Update

Ready to go!

We had a great first day on our trip to Los Angeles! The students met our intrepid staff members at 6:30 a.m. Wednesday morning for our flight to L.A. As far as teenagers travelling goes, the flight down was splendid. Everyone meshed together well and we maintained the sanity on the plane for those around us. Upon arrival we saw our first "star", K.J. Apa who plays Archie on Riverdale; he was on his way back to Vancouver, though.

Sean Sandler, Ethan Bernal, Liam Greenberg, Tal Pretli, 
and Sam Friedman check out the boardwalk.

Leiana Kahlon, Sara Bauman, Chloe Shacham-Dupont, Jette Halevi, 
and Maya Mizrachi at the beach!

As all good King David trips start, we went to the beach first. Well, almost to the beach. The group spent some time on the Santa Monica boardwalk enjoying our provided bagged lunches. Options included Chinese chicken salad, sandwiches, Greek salad, and sushi – all kosher, of course! After, students worked off their lunch by cruising the boardwalk. Some headed down to the pier while others made their way to Muscle Beach to get their pump on. 

Max Frankel, Barak Lapid, Josh Isakov, Eitan Sasky, and Yoshua Welch 
enjoying the sun!

The Griffith Park Observatory was our next stop. We had great views of the Hollywood Sign and we considered hiking closer, but with the heat, traffic, and conversion of miles to kilometres, we opted for some indoor time at the observatory. Rabbi Berger quoted some lines from movies before we checked out the exhibits. The museum has many space exhibits and great views of L.A., and is home to the planetarium. Everyone loved the chance to see the city sprawl and we witnessed a proposal, to which we sang "Mazal Tov and Simon Tov". All the traffic and learning helped the group to build up an appetite, so we were off to the Pico-Robertson neighborhood, which we’ll be calling home for the next few days. 

Well-fed and ready for more adventures!

Estie Kallner, Sophie Chelin, Erica Forman, Isabella Leipsic, Rachel Seguin, and Maddy Stern, with a great view of the iconic Hollywood sign!

For those unfamiliar with the area, Pico-Robertson is one of the largest concentrations of kosher restaurants and Jewish people in all of North America. Prior to the trip, the students looked up the many restaurants and as soon as they were given the chance they scattered for an assortment of kosher delicacies. Many students joined Rabbi on a pilgrimage to Jeff’s Gourmet Sausage Factory, and one adventurous soul, Lu, followed Ellia’s lead onto Kolah Faranghi, which is the only restaurant of its kind: Chinese Persian (Lu gave it 5 stars). It may be a Jewish thing, but food is such an important part of our culture, and being able to eat at any restaurant in this neighborhood is really a special part of the trip for our observant students and staff members. So, in these updates expect many references to restaurants, with whom I can assure you we have no formal affiliation… yet. After dinner and some dessert of ice cream and candies, we all descended on the Marriot Residence Inn. The students and staff were all pleased to do a little reflection together before preparing for bed and calling it a night.

After getting our feet wet in the California lifestyle, on Thursday we are going to do some touring, Holocaust education, shopping, and yes, of course, eating. We will also report back in the next update on the morning breakfast buffet options, where no doubt we’ll eat Fruit Loops in honor of Mr. Monchamp, and anything that resembles a salad in honour of Mr. Klein. 

Have a great day from the 90210!
Matt Dichter  
King David High School, 5718 Willow Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V5Z4S9 Canada
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