Weekly Newsletter – October 18, 2019

October 18, 2019  / 19 Tishrei 5780

Shabbat Begins: 5:58 p.m.   Shabbat Ends: 7:02 p.m.   
Parsha: Vezot Hab’rachah: Deuteronomy 33:27 – 33:29

On Thursday, grandparents of current students were invited to celebrate Sukkot with us, and we had a wonderful time together!

The rain stopped and the sun came out just long enough for 80 grandparents and 54 students to enter our sukkah, where Rabbi Berger explained the mitzvah of sitting in the sukkah. Some grandparents and students took the opportunity to shake the Lulav and recite the blessings together, before moving indoors to the atrium.
Our guests and their grandchildren were served a delicious tea, prepared and served by Hilit Nurick and her talented group of Foods students. Laughter and conversation overflowed as the generations celebrated together!

Today, we celebrated Simchat Torah as a school. We gathered in the atrium, where Rabbi Berger reminded us all of the meaning of the holiday. Since we have passed through a serious period of reflection and judgement, we are now reconnecting with 
G-d and with each other. 

Grade 12 students Noa Haber, Jessie Miller, and Ella Pekarsky spoke about Simchat Torah’s connection to our annual Random Acts of Chesed Week, the theme of which is "Be a Light in the Dark" this year. They explained that the idea of joy on the holiday extends to bringing joy to others in our school and community.

After a Torah reading, the Torah was raised high for Hagbah before returning it to the Aron Hakodesh. Thank you to Grade 12 students Oren Acrech-Berezan, Teah Bakonyi, Isiah Confiss, Sagiv Fadida, Jake Finkelstein, Oren Mathews, and Aislin Murphy for their participation in the reading.

The Grade 8 students were then called to stand under the Tallitot while Grade 12 students Emily Miller, Camille Millman, Brendan Moss, and Rachel Rosenblatt held the poles of the chuppah. The Grade 8s received a Bracha for a successful high school experience from Jessie and Emily Miller’s grandmother, Mrs. Mina Sussman.

The Music 11 and 12 students closed the ceremony by playing the Hora for us, and we all danced together with the Torah.

Shabbat Shalom!


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