Weekly Newsletter – June 21, 2019

A Final Word from the Class of 2019
Grad Thank you 2019
Another school year has come to an end and we want to thank you! Your support means so much to us at King David. It takes the collective effort of parents, grandparents, families, faculty/staff, alumni, Board members, and our community to ensure that King David continues to provide our students with an inspiring educational experience that prepares them for success on the path that lies ahead. With your support, we have the opportunity to be a part of shaping the lives of current King David students, and for those yet to come. 
"Tzedakah and acts of kindness are the equivalent of all 
the mitzvot of the Torah."
               – Jerusalem Talmud, Pe’ah 1:1.
We are grateful to…
The Diamond Foundation
The Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver
Gary Averbach
The Kahn Foundation
Dr. Robert and Elke Mermelstein
The Phyliss and Irving Snider Foundation
The Betty Averbach Foundation, Harvey and Jody Dales, 
The Ben and Esther Dayson Charitable Foundation, Rose Marie Glassman, Dr. Arthur and Arlene Hayes, Jewish Community Foundation, Russ Klein and Deborah Youngson, Elliot and Megan Laskin, Bill and Risa Levine, Brett and Jacci Sandler
Leon and Beth Bogner, The Cristall Family: Gary Morris and 
Jackie Cristall Morris, Sylvia Cristall, Alex and Jodi Cristall, 
Jodi Cristall, Kevington Building Corporation and the Khalifa Family, 
Dr. Robert and Marilyn Krell, The Marsid Family Foundation, 
Micner Enterprises, Norman and Sandra Miller, Public Safety Canada, Arnold and Anita Silber
Center for Israel Education, William Clark and Danna Marks, Dr. Arthur and Judith Dodek, Marcos Ergas, Bradley Freedman and Pam Wolfman, Claudio and Ruben Grubner and Families, Mendy and Lana Landa, Legacy Heritage Programming, Joshua Pekarsky and Dr. Marla Guralnick, Jeffrey Sacks and Dina Badour, Chad and Simona Seguin, Jeff and Carla Swartz, Myles Wolfe and Barby Solomon
Andrew and Lisa Altow, Randy and Chana Charach, Margaret and Bradley Hemingson, Dr. Saul and Lindsay Isserow, 
Dr. Simon and Rosalind Jacobson, Howard and Simone Kallner, Shay and Mickey Keil, Dr. David Landsberg and Dr. Tamara Shenkier, 
Dr. Jonathon and Karly Leipsic, Sophie Lillie, Daniel Lipetz, Martine Marciano and Ken Saunders, Shoshana and Robert Parker, Trudy and Dan Pekarsky, Yvette Porte, Dr. Mark and Natalie Rosengarten, 
Lori Satov and Robert Kraft, Dr. Nathan and Sarah Schaffer, Adam Stern and Dr. Debbie Jacobson, Fred Tischler and Aimee Promislow, 
Dr. Sam and Natalie Wiseman, David and Elaine Youngson
Abe and Lydia Family Endowment Fund, Michael and Lisa Averbach, Harry and Sylvia Avery Memorial Scholarship Fund,
David Bogoch, Karen Ergas and Gary Lenett, Norman and Marlene Franks, Philip and Keren Gertsman, Neville and Michal Israel,
Dr. Kevan and Rikki Jacobson, Stacey Kettleman, Dr. Rick Schreiber and Cheryl Brownstein, Jeff and Carla Swartz, Susan and Stephen Tick
Debbie Appelbaum, Tamar and David Bakonyi, 
Dr. Philip and Lori Barer, Rami and Ellia Belson, Rabbi Stephen and Sarah Berger, Esther Chetner, Arnie and Susan Fine, Alain and Michelle Guez, Rabbi Jonathan Infeld and Lissa Weinberger, Dan and 
Andi Isserow Alex and Elaine Kliner, Dion Kliner and Darcy Mann, 
Carol Konkin and Jan Fishman, Shawn Lewis and Shoshana Krell, 
Pola Litsky and Marc Levy, Jonathan and Gabrielle Lutrin, Dr. Roy and Sigal Mathews, Dr. Debra and Ken Miller, Randy and Cheryl Milner, 
Dr. Luis and Esther Mogyoros, NCSY, Lola Pawer, Daniel and Dale Porte, Eppy and Ellen Rappaport, Darlene Spevakow, Vancouver Holocaust Centre Society, Jennifer Watt and Jonathan Simkin, Izak and 
Meirav Zabek, Gary Zlotnik, Mark and Laurie Zlotnik
Jason Apple, Rachel and Dror Berko-Gabay, Andrea and Allan Beron, Baillie Burke, Carole Chark, Jennifer and Brian Chelin,
Robert and Hillary Cooper, Meirav and Yaron David, Alexis and Jeff Doctor, Ifat and Dorin Eilon-Heiber, Anat and Fabio Feldman,
Michael Fish, Jessica and Julian Forman, Cori Friedman, Sidney and Marcia Goldbach, Joel Guralnick and Iris Sharir, Dr. Gabriel and Shirley Hirsch, David and Rowena Huberman, Sandy Jorgenson, Basil and Selma Kallner, Stacey and Chris Kape, Camelia Kasirer, Lihe and 
Colin Katz, Dr. Tali Keselman, Dr. Gilad Kimel and Dr. Debbie Rosenbaum, Laurence and Tracy Klass, Kornfeld LLP, Natalia Kucherenko, Shirley Kushner, Elizabeth Laugharne and Family, Michael and Tamar Lipton, David and Judy Mandleman, Igor and Tanya Markovich, Robert and Ralph Markin, Isaac and Flavia Markman, Gina McGill and Aaron Singer, Sharon and David McNamara, Dr. Andrew and Shawna Merkur, Ran and Bat Sheva Michaeli, Alexandra and Michael Millman, Glenn Neugarten, Brent and Lisa Pullan, Michelle Pullan and Reno Pace, Rabbi Andrew and Dr. Cirelle Rosenblatt,Tracey and Stewart Scher, Ari Shiff and Carla van Messel, Perry and Shelley Seidelman, Lainie Shore, Joel Silverman and Elaine Grobman, Mark Slobin, 
Ian Slykhuis and Arlaina Waisman, Alan Shuster and Kathryn Young, Marshall and Mireille Stern, Michele and Daniel Zychlinski
Merle and Bruce Ames, Helen Begley, Dr Alan and Lisa Boroditksy, Jeremy and Eleanor Braude, Noah and Donna Cantor, Dr. Noah and Jordana Dodek, Aura and Avie Estrin, Michael and Marni Fadida, 
Orly and Alon Gal, David and Shannon Gorski, Maurizio Gotz and Sharna Goetz Levine, Anthony and Ruth Jankelowitz, Arturo and Riba Kalb, Ron Kline and Ruth Buckwald, Gaetana Korbin and Don Letendre, Jonathan and Renaty Layton, Dr. Gary and Rhea Lazar, Meyer and Gail Mattuck, Lianne Palminrose, Michael and Reesa Pawer, Victoria Ross, Harley Rothstein and Eleanor Boyle, Liza Rozen-Delman, Johnny Seguin, Jeff Balin and Jennifer Shecter, Allan Switzer and Sandy Hazan, Oleg and Irina Vertlib, Work Safe BC, Dr. Gianni and Karen Zanotto
Dr. Douglas Adams and Libby Goszer, Myra and Carey Adirim, 
David Amram, Brian and Sidnee Bell, Nancy Benyaer, Sarah Bernstein, Tanvir Bhambra, Sharon Bicas and Moises Toyber, Yuval and Michelle Biton, Benje Bondar, Samara and Jeffrey Bordan, Aron Buchman, Amanda Cameron, David Caplan and Cindy Switzer, Janine Chenkis, Dr. Jullian Collis, Sandy Corenblum, Nilton Cynamon and Betina Zuckerman, Janice Dack, Dr. Eytan and Zehavit David, Carrie Diamond, Matthew Dichter, Barbara Ellin, Sagiv Fadida, Elana Freedman, Diane Friedman and Mark Liedemann, Sheila Gendis, Rhetta Glazerman, Tammy Godfrey, Yair and Shuli Gortler, Josie Guan, Melvin and Pia Guralnick, Danny and Ellen Hamburg, Yossi and Debbie Havusha, Jeffrey and Sonia Hayes, Luba Hotz, Martin Jaiven and Jessica Welch, Dr. Alan and Debbie Jeroff, Gloria Joachim, Joel and Tara Kallner, Shelley Karrel, Jonathan and Renee Katz, Stanford and Seda Korsch, Alana Kursunsky, Julie Lane, Sheila Leonard, Brian and Sharron Levinkind, Ben Levy, Marla Levy, Janice Liknaitsky, Vivian Londoño, Jeff and Cathy Lowenstein, Richelle Mackenzie, Arie and Celia Malowicki, Ali Margulius, Carol Marks, Kevin Marks, Linda McCabe, Nonilon Mendosa, Cameron Metcalfe, Larry and Tyla Meyer, Ashley Miller-Bouchard, Etsik and Dikla Mizrachi, Alex Monchamp, Lesley Morris, Jason Morris and Lauren Howard, Lainie and Jeff Moss, Brady Mymko, Corin Neuman, David and Melinda Newman, Morgan NicholsfigueiredoJoel and Lyora Nifco, Nicole and Jason Nozick, Hilit Nurick, Yaacov and Ronit Orzech, Frances Ostry, Rhoda Perles, Rhonda Peters, Leona Pinsky, Tina Randhawa, Evelyn Ray, Grace Robin, Breanne Rogers, Sheila Romalis, 
Helen Rosen, Sheryl Ross, Sharon Roth, Barbara Rubanenko, 
Jess Sabado, Tanya Schecter, Debbie Schijf, Jacobo and Dina Schweber, John Stuart, Syma Shaheen, Joy Shapiro, Bonnie Shapiro, Ran Shpanya, Jane Solovyov, Penny Sprackman, Susan Stein, Nancy Stern, Lisa Stibravy, Fleur and David Sussman, Mina Sussman, Michele Tedford, Laureen Teperson, Donna Thomas, Gerald and Marni Tritt, 
Irit Uzan and Jonathan Lazar, Marie Vondracek, Jacqueline Watson, 
Kim Weinberg, Jill Weinstein, Anna-Mae Wiesenthal, Liane Winkler, 
Lu Winters, Goldie Wise, Karen Wong, Bella Zaidel, Charlene Zbar, Dongliang Zhu

* This list is for gifts received from July 1, 2018 to June 21, 2019. 


Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented above. 

Please accept our sincere apology if an error has been made, and notify us at

604-263-9700 or  so that we can correct our records for

future publication.

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