Announcement of Expansion

We have some wonderful news to share with our King David Community!

The Diamond Foundation is funding a $6.5 million building expansion that will launch King David into the future.

The Gordon Diamond Family, through a foundation, owns our land and provided the funds to construct our existing building. Each year, it donates back the annual rental fees for the school, and grants funding for special Judaic programming.

Now, the Diamond Foundation is bolstering its support and investment in Vancouver’s Jewish education by funding the design and construction costs of a significant expansion to our facility that will enable us to augment our programming and keep pace with 21st century learning trends. The additional space will include four new classrooms, a new music room, an innovation lab, PE changing rooms and offices, a faculty workroom, much-needed storage space and more.

The Diamond Foundation is supporting King David’s expansion because it recognizes that we provide the values, support and connection that are the foundation of a strong and robust Jewish community.
For 14 years in our current building, we have delivered outstanding academic programming founded in a values-based education. This combination of academics, Judaic studies, social support and menschlikeit prepares our students for the rigours of post-secondary education and to confidently navigate the next steps in their lives. We could never have achieved this level of success without you – our parents, students, alumni, supporters and staff.
We have been so successful on delivering our mission that we are bursting at the seams. For the past three years we have had to squeeze an 11th class into a school built for 10 classes. Distressingly, this has not been enough; we have also had to waitlist students rather than welcome them. This does not represent our school nor our community values.
Our lack of classroom space has also severely compromised our ability to add new programs or have flexible space for extracurricular programming. What’s more, we can no longer offer our teachers designated classrooms or work spaces, as they are all in use.
Fortunately, and thanks to the Diamond Foundation, our expansion will ensure that we will be able to meet our community’s expectations and our mandate so that no student will be turned away, while still maintaining the small class sizes that are key to providing a high-quality education. At the same time, increased and enhanced classroom space will allow us to continue to provide the excellent and innovative programming our community expects from us.
Endowment Campaign

The Diamond Foundation is supplying the mortar and bricks for the expansion. The Gordon Diamond Family has now challenged the King David community to match its support by filling the space in the school with the students, furnishings and equipment necessary for our continued success.
Watch your inbox for news of an upcoming $5 million Endowment campaign. Our goal is to have $250,000 annually available to invest in tuition assistance.

We know you probably have questions about our expansion. We plan to keep you informed as the construction plans proceed. In the meantime, here are some answers:
When will construction on the expansion begin?
Our building permit application is already in process with the City of Vancouver. Once we receive permit approvals, we will finalize the budget and schedule the ground-breaking. Watch for a development sign on the property.
What costs will be covered by the Diamond Foundation?
The Diamond Foundation is funding all the design and construction costs of the expansion, which are approximately $6.5 million.
How will the construction affect the school on a day-to-day basis?
There will be minimal disruption to the existing school as the addition is being added to the back of the school. 
When will the addition be completed?
We anticipate that construction will be completed by Spring 2021 for use in September 2021.
Who is working on the design and construction of the new building?
In order to maintain consistency with our existing space that has proven so conducive to learning, the original architectural firm, Acton Ostry, has designed the expansion. We are hoping to use the original contractor, the Haebler Group, for construction.
What kind of programs will King David offer when the expansion is complete?
Our talented teachers have many ideas about programs they are eager to offer. With the new space, we will be able to implement some of these ideas for courses such as: coding and web development, tikkun olam, philosophy, leadership, film, animation and video production, robotics and Judaic studies. Our new innovation lab and music room will also provide enhanced opportunities for self-directed learning and creativity.
How can I help?
We are counting on our community to follow the Diamond Foundation’s incredibly generous lead and support King David’s Endowment Fund through a fundraising campaign that will coincide with the expansion construction.
More questions?
We‘ll be reaching out to you regularly to update you on the progress of the expansion and our upcoming endowment fundraising campaign. In the meantime, if you have more questions please get in touch by emailing  

Neville Israel
Board Co-President
Jackie Cristall Morris
Board Co-President
Russ Klein
Head of School

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