Grade 8 Israel Trip – Day 4

DAY 4: APRIL 4, 2019
Day 4
What a day! The weather could not have been more perfect for a walk through the Tel Dan Nature Reserve!

Our students arrived on the busses with their hosts wearing huge smiles and carrying large containers of food for breakfast and lunch! We were surprised to discover that for the most part, Israelis eat their breakfast at school!

A 30 minute check-in with our students after the first night with their host families revealed that all the families had welcomed them warmly and were excited to share with them what living in Israel was all about!

Next, the combined Israeli and Canadian group boarded two busses and headed to Tel Dan. We arrived at what seemed like a moderately busy park but boy were we wrong! The paths and park were filled with visitors from Japan, Korea, South America, Norway and Canada! Divided into four groups, we moved through the trails, stopping at 5 places to participate in activities so capably led by Har Vagai Grade 9 students who had visited Canada last year! After the last activity we made our way to the Wading Pool where we all were meeting up only to get there and find the pool filled with what seemed like, 100s of elementary school kids! No large group photo at the wading pool this year!

At 1:15 p.m. we arrived back at the school and after a brief game of Volleyball, we gathered our students to prepare them for the weekend with their hosts. They seemed happy and confident and excited to be without us for the weekend!

After waving goodbye as the busses departed at 2:00 p.m., the seven chaperones jumped into cars and headed out to visit Kadima, an after school program for youth in an extremely under resourced neighbourhood in Qiryat Shemona. The children were delightful (despite the dire circumstances in which they lived) and the money raised through our non-uniform day at school just before we left, enabled us to bring school supplies and soccer balls which they so desperately need. We were so touched by the difficulties each child is facing due to family circumstances and so amazed by the wonderful work this organization is doing. (sadly, we do not have permission to share their faces with you.) We hope to develop an ongoing relationship with Kadima!

Tonight the King David and Har Vagai students are all at the home of one of the host families having a bonfire and get-together! They are having a ball – we have seen pictures and videos as our ‘friends’ keep us informed!

We will be back on Sunday!

Shabbat shalom,

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