Weekly Newsletter – December 21, 2018

December 21, 2018  / 13 Tevet 5779

Shabbat Begins: 3:58 p.m.   Shabbat Ends: 5:12 p.m.   
Parsha: Vayechi: Genesis 47:28-50:26

It has been a wonderful start to the school year! The warmth of our community, the caring relationships between faculty and students, and our commitment to the personal growth of each student and staff member remains strong. King David is a place where the heart and soul are as important as the intellect. It’s where the development of strong work habits, a positive attitude, an ability to overcome challenge, and confidence to ask questions are a part of daily life. This year we have shared more of the successes of our alumni, celebrating their many accomplishments and having them share their journeys with our students. Though a tagline for this year’s Annual Campaign, I cannot help but get excited by how we are fulfilling our mission by providing our students with Endless Opportunities that create Extraordinary Futures

And Endless Opportunities they are – our students and staff have been busy both in and out of school: in classrooms, on sports fields, and in the community!

We have:
  • Spent three active days on Keats Island with our Grade 8 – 10 students
  • Welcomed over 60 grandparents into our Sukkah for our annual L’Dor V’Dor Grandparents’ Tea
  • Celebrated the many Holidays in September (and occasionally attended school)
  • Performed mitzvot throughout the community during our Random Acts of Chesed Week
  • Reciprocated the hospitality received from our Israeli sister school, Har Vagai, during their 20 member delegation visit
  • Involved over 65% of our students, who are playing on one or more sports teams
  • Prepared 56 graduates for their post-secondary choices 

The video below tells the story!


Term 1 Montage

Enjoy the break and get ready for a spectacular 2019! 


~ Russ Klein, Head of School


Hannah Casseres, Jessie Miller, Emily Miller, Ella Pekarsky, Teah Bakonyi, 
Karli Behr-O’Leary, Jake Finkelstein, Andrew Baron, Noah Marciano, 
and Melila Chesick-Gordis show off their creations

To wrap up the unit on the arts, the French 11 class were asked to pick a French artist that has impacted the artistic world. The form of art could range from painting, cuisine, sculpture, photography, dance, music, etc. In addition to presenting the biography of the selected artist, students were asked to reproduce a piece that was created by the artist in their own way, and were required to somehow add their own personal touch. Shown in the picture are the students’ reproductions of the art by Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel, Edgar Degas, Leslie Caron, Bugatti, Louis Vuitton, Auguste Rodin, Vincent Van Gogh, Django Reinhardt and Victor Hugo. Quels talents! 

Natasha Klass, Sarah Tedford, Georgia Krombein, Gali Goldman, 
Zoe Shnier, and Solly Khalifa are ready for their interviews!

Grade 12 French students were looking sharp last week for their job interviews with Madame Miller-Bouchard! They were to prepare their cover page and Curriculum Vitae, in French, for a position they wish to apply for in the future after completing their post-secondary studies, then undergo a 20 minute interview. The interview consisted of answering up to 32 questions about the individual’s character, how he/she will be asset to the company/organisation, conflict resolution and how previous academic, work and volunteer experiences have and will benefit them in the position. 

My Rav, Avraham Brussel, reminds me often that we live in an imperfect world. Man is a deeply flawed creation, and this was done with intent. Creation has not yet been finished. A world was created, and when it was nearly done, God said, "Enough". Evil was never created. It is a product of the unfinished creation. A perfect God created an imperfect world perfectly, and asks us to finish or perfect it. However, our "go-to move" is often to try to use a negative to treat a negative. But we cannot become angry with ourselves for getting angry and hope to improve. Using a negative to treat a negative just leaves creation unfinished, and adds to work that needs to be done. Instead, just as one light can banish a room of darkness, one act of kindness can heal deep wounds. 

Sometimes we feel there is something wrong with us if we have problems. We believe we should really be perfect and our family and children should be perfect. We should be loving and kind by nature and our children should be angels. We become depressed when we recognize that we and our children have flaws. This too is a mistake. In truth, we are all half-finished creations. Imperfect families is part of the plan.

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Applications for new students are now open and are due by January 18, 2019.
We are accepting applications for Grades 8, 10, and 11. 
There is a wait pool for Grade 9.

Applications are completed online at kdhs.org/admissions.

If you know families who may be interested in visiting the school for a tour, 
please invite them to contact the Admissions office.

Questions? Email Debbie Appelbaum or call 604-263-9700.
Todah Rabah to video producers Adam Stern and Debbie Jacobson.

Questions? Contact Esther Mogyoros, Director of Development, 
at 604-263-9700 or by email.

Have a relaxing winter break!

Shabbat Shalom!


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