Weekly Newsletter – February 17, 2017

February 17, 2017  /  21 Shevat 5777
Shabbat Begins: 5:19 p.m.       Parsha: Yitro
   Shabbat Ends: 6:26 p.m.         Exodus 18:1-20:23 
Creative Grade 8!

After weeks of focused effort, the Grade 8 Art class is just finishing their independent projects. Following careful research, planning, and experimentation, the results are super impressive! A log cabin, a basket, a kippah, a stuffie, and a horse jump – plus drawings, paintings and sculptures – make up this original exhibition. 
King David Ski Team in Whistler!

Isaiah, David, Noah, and Ethan are ready to hit the slopes

Last Wednesday, the ski team went out for their final outing of the season at Whistler Blackcomb. Noah L., Ethan, David, and Isaiah, all Grade 9, represented the school well against public and private schools in the slalom-style race. The course was long and difficult, but the team was up to the challenge. All the students had a very strong outing, with Ethan finishing in 17th place among snowboarders. Thanks to Ms. Gardiner, Mr. Dichter and Ms. Cameron for their organization and supervision of the team this year.
Happenings this Week

There was no shortage of encouragement for each other while learning the techniques and strategies of curling during PE 10.

Grade 10 Art students are hard at work creating a mural. We know they have a special plan and can’t wait to see it completed!

On Thursday morning, after attending the Tefillah Club’s Teen-Run Learners’ Minyan, students were treated to a delicious breakfast prepared by Justine, Grade 12, as Michelle looks on eagerly in support.
Art from the Heart
Original artwork by Ariel and Rachel S., Grade 11.

As part of Ms. Wiesenthal’s Jewish History 11 class, each student was asked to create an original art piece in response to a Holocaust survivor’s testimony. Along with each piece, students were asked to write an artist’s statement reflecting on their work, providing insight about the survivor, their choice of medium, and their process. Students chose to create sculpture, music, art, or prose. 

"The piece of testimony that we chose to focus on is not one of sorrow, but one of liberation. Nathan Shapow briefly spoke of his time being liberated. Shapow, along with other Jews from the Magdeburg Concentration Camp, were sent to be hanged. A miraculous moment happened when the rope that Shapow was hanging from broke. He was momentarily unconscious, and upon awakening, he saw an arm reach towards him. This was the arm of a soldier from the U.S. Armed Forces. The soldier grasped Shapow’s arm and asked him where in the world he wanted to go. Our piece was an interpretation of the moment of Nathan Shapow’s freedom. His story was truly inspirational, and it was an honour to be able to make an interpretational art piece based on his life experiences."
~ Ariel and Rachel S., Grade 11
Staff Recognition

An important part of the King David cuture is acknowledging the important role of staff in the school. At a school-wide assembly today we honoured the service, commitment, and dedication to students of four staff members – Ms. McRae, Mr Gorski and Mrs. Mackie for 10 years  and Mr. Bondar for 5 years of service.

Ms. McRae, Mr. Bondar, Eli, Grade 12 Student Council Representative, 
Mr. Gorski, and Mrs. Mackie.

The Student Council presented Jess Sabado, our Head Custodian, with a card signed by students expressing their gratitude for all he and co-worker Noni Mendoza do to keep our building pristine and for always being available to assist them with projects.

Leah, Grade 11, Jess Sabado, and Maytar, Grade 11 

Outdoor Club

L-R: Josh, Ethan, Isaiah, Grade 9, Lauren, Grade 10, David, Grade 9, Megan, Grade 10, Rakeea, Shayna, Grade 11, and Romy, Grade 9

On Wednesday evening, the Outdoor Club attended the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival at the Rio Theatre. The students watched four short films and heard from two speakers about their explorations in the wilderness. The event was very inspirational, and introduced our Outdoor Club to the wider outdoor community. It was an amazing event, and the club was very impressed with a presenter who discussed the need within our society to seek approval. He discussed how we should be more concerned about our interests and needs without fear of disapproval, or the need for validation. The Outdoor Club is looking forward to attending more films at next year’s event.

"The films were incredibly beautiful, and we all came out of the festival feeling very inspired and excited to pursue more adventures in the outdoors."
~ Rakeea, Grade 11
Alumni and Students Pay it Forward Globally!

The UBC team: Maya is on the right.

Project 1 – Nepal
This summer, Maya Rosenkrantz, King David Class of 2012, along with seven other UBC medical students, will be travelling to under-served communities in rural Nepal to screen for Sickle Cell Disease, as part of a screening project that began in the summer of 2015.

Maya says, "Sickle Cell Disease is a very serious and debilitating chronic condition that has been found to be prevalent in Indigenous populations of rural Nepal. If left unmanaged, the disease has up to a 90% child mortality rate. Our group aims to screen up to 1,000 patients, and continue with the implementation of a management and awareness campaign in remote communities in the province of Dang, where access to healthcare is incredibly limited. We aim to use our findings to lobby the Nepalese government into implementing a widespread screening program for Sickle Cell Disease across Western Nepal."

For more information about the project and its history, click here.

Project 2 – Uganda
Jed and Micah Shiff, Class of 2014 and Grade 8, respectively, are travelling to Nabagoye Village, 25 minutes outside of Mbale Town in Uganda, Africa this March. They say, " We are very excited to share our skills and love of people by volunteering there." They are raising money to pay for the improvements they will be implementing – a new solar classroom, computers for using the app designed by The Walking School Bus to help increase English reading and proficiency, and a water collection system. They are joining The Walking School Bus to help build a better life for the people of the village. 

Jed and Micah are also collecting school items to take with them. Pens, pencils, headphones (over-the-ear), backpacks, children’s books, art supplies (glue sticks, crayons, pastels), and rulers. A collection box is available at King David for donations, and all contributions are welcome.
For more information about the project, click here.
Grease is Coming to King David!

Have you bought your tickets yet? 

Click here to purchase them online or call 604-263-9700 to reserve your seats.

Call for Props

King David’s Grease production is looking for props!
With King David’s production of Grease quickly approaching on March 15 and 16, the cast has started to source props, costumes, and set pieces. Below is a list of things we still need, accompanied by a link that gives an idea of what we are looking for. Props will be needed from March 10 – 17. If you have any questions or anything to lend us, please e-mail Mr. Rosenberg or feel free to just drop the item at school in the drama room.

  • Floor Rugs (2 – any style)
  • Night Light (for young woman)
  • Quilted Robe
  • Virgin Pin (Like This)
  • Wallet with Accordion Picture Holder (Like This)
  • Tire Iron
  • Spare Tire
  • Green Sweatsuit (Like This)
  • Batons (Like This)
  • Beach Blanket
  • XL College Letterman Sweater (Like This)
  • Bermuda Shorts & Argyle Socks (Like This)
  • Wooden Baseball Bat
  • Lead Pipe
  • Chain
  • Engineering Boots 
  • White Track Suit
  • Hair Dressing Robes (Several)
  • Car Antenna
  • Record Player (It doesn’t have to work)
  • Old Records
  • Phone (Like This)
  • Purses (Like This)
  • Speaker (Like This)
Shabbat Shalom!

Community Events

Film: The Pickle Recipe

Sunday, February 19
7:00 – 8:45 p.m.

Click on image for more information

JCC Purim Magic
with Pancake Breakfast

Sunday, March 5
10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Click on image for more information

Save the Date:
Shalhevet Girls 10th Year Anniversary Gala

Thursday, March 16

Click on image for more information

Yom HaShoah
Holocaust Commemorative Evening

Sunday, April 23
7:00 p.m.

Click on image for more information

Save the Date:
JNF 2017 Negev Dinner

Sunday, June 4

Click on image for more information

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