Weekly Newsletter – December 9, 2016

December 9, 2016  /  9 Kislev 5777
Shabbat Begins: 3:56 p.m.       Parsha: Vayeitzei
   Shabbat Ends: 5:08 p.m.         Genesis 28:10-32:3 
A Week of Ruach!

Matching ugly sweaters!
Jared, Grade 8,  Mr. Gorski, Noah, Grade 10, Josh, Grade 12, Jenna, Grade 8, and Daniela N., Grade 11, didn’t plan it!

Student Council’s planning all came together and while it was cold and white outside, it was warm and colourful in the hallways of King David! Each morning brought much laughter as staff and students got into the spirit of the week and arrived dressed according to the theme. During lunch, the atrium was filled with loud music and games. The feeling in the building was joyful – a tiny part could also be the knowledge that winter break is almost here!

Yasher Koach to the 37-strong Student Council! Your leadership and hard work raised spirits and strengthened the camaraderie amongst students!

Solly and Adam, Grade 10, may not cheer for the same hockey team, but they are good friends.
2016 Scholarship Award Recipients

We’re proud to share that 14 graduates from our Class of 2016 have been awarded BC Ministry of Education Graduation Scholarships. These scholarships recognize students’ academic excellence across the suite of graduation provincial exams, and have an award value of $1,250. 

Only 8,000 of British Columbia’s 60,294 Grade 12 students (13.3%) received this honour that was awarded to 40% of our graduating class.

Mazal Tov to:
  • Hana Balshin (University of Western Ontario)
  • Barbie Clark (McGill University)
  • Ma’ayan Fadida (McMaster University)
  • Matty Flader (McMaster University)
  • Noga Goldman (University of British Columbia)
  • Shmuel Hart (McGill University after a gap year at Yeshivat Eretz Hatzvi, Israel)
  • Izzy Khalifa (University of British Columbia)
  • Rachel Pekeles (Queens University)
  • Josha Rafael (McMaster University)
  • Adi Rosenkrantz (University of British Columbia)
  • Shane Rozen-Delman (Queens University)
  • Liam Sasky (University of British Columbia)
  • Joelle Schaffer (McGill University)
  • Aria Smordin (University of Maryland after a gap year at Nishmat Shana Ba’Aretz, Israel)
Living with a Disability

Ethan, Grade 12, presented his experiences and views with the help
of his classmate, Anthony.

The Social Justice 12 students were incredibly engaged with the new information that was shared by Ethan, Grade 12, Stacey Francis, and Lauren Stinson, about the challenges and the joys associated with living with a disability – Cerebral Palsy in particular. After the presentation was over, students were discussing and unpacking the difference between a medical approach to disability that treats the individual, versus a social approach, which looks at how society can become more accessible to the access needs and diverse experiences of both individuals with disabilities and able-bodied people. Students hope to live and enact the messages and ideas from the presentation as they go out into the world after high school. 

"The presentation drew attention to a lot of issues in society that we often dismiss or don’t think about. These include accessibility in transit, washroom use, government support, and employment." 
~ Anthony, Grade 12

"It was really touching to hear how the speakers grew up, and how they dealt with their disabilities and their struggles. It’s empowering to hear that through meeting other people with Cerebral Palsy, they became more comfortable with themselves and their community." 
~ Saul, Grade 12

Yuval, Leora, and Davina, Grade 12, ask Lauren questions during the presentation.
Behind the Scenes

Ross and Hannah, Grade 10, tour the printing facility.

The Yearbook class, who design and create the annual school yearbook, visited Hemlock Printers in Burnaby on Thursday, giving students a peek into the commercial printing process on a large scale. We learned about the pre-production process, where every design detail is reviewed, and we saw how the printed pages of books and brochures are finished after elaborate presses apply up to six colours. A wide variety of machines are involved in the process, from start to finish, all operated by skilled technicians. Now we have a better idea of what happens to our work once it arrives at Friesens. This tour was arranged by Melissa Woodward, our representative from Friesens in Manitoba. Thank you to Melissa for organizing this with her local colleagues and to Hemlock Printers for being so welcoming!
This Week in Pictures

A panorama view of the Term 1 Grade 8 students’ musical performance. Every term we are amazed by the talent displayed in just a few weeks with Mr. Seguin!

The King David Bantam Boys Basketball team achieved second place in the 
Point Grey Mike Keenlyside Classic Tour Tournament. 
 Benjy and Oliver were named the tournament All Stars. Well done, team!
L-R: Roi, Ben M., Jared, Jacob, Benjy, Aviv, Noam, Oliver, Coach Amran, Ophir, Tomer, Maaor, Ben S., Joey, and Izzy.

Ms. Bauck and the Healthy Active Living students spent time training and releasing frustrations as they pounded their way through a kickboxing class.

Back Row L-R: Ms. Bauck, Rachel, Natalie, Noa, Elise, Adina, and Rakeea
Front: Maytar

"The Psychology 11 class had the privilege of having psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Schertzer (Father of Leora, Grade 12) come in to talk about his field of work, genetic versus environmental causes of mental illness, schizophrenia, and many other interesting things regarding the human brain and psyche."
~ Magalee Blumenkrans, Grade 11
Applications are Open!

We are accepting applications for students entering Grades 8 -11.
Applications are due by Monday, January 9 2017

Our enrollment has grown at all grade levels. This year we are expecting limited availability in Grades 9 and 11.

If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Appelbaum or call 604-263-9700.

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