Weekly Newsletter – October 3, 2014

October 3, 2014
9 Elul 5775


Physics Students Build the Sukkah!

Working together to ensure a safe build


At King David, Jewish life is integrated through holiday celebrations, acts of chesed in the community …and the basic concepts of Physics. It is said that at Sukkot we should build the finest sukkah we can, decorate it in the most beautiful ways we know how, and prepare delicious food. 


For the second year, King David’s Physics 12 students have taken on the task of designing and building our sukkah at the front of the school. Following the requirements and dimensions dictated by Halacha (Jewish law) and with the support of the Khalifa Family and Kevington Building Corporation, our beautiful sukkah comes to life as a school-wide and community space. 


During the Sukkot holiday, the sukkah becomes a place for classes, snacks and lunch. Parents are invited to join us from 8 a.m – 8:45 a.m. as they drop off their children for a “Meet and Greet” in the sukkah!

Creating Community!

Twice a week, groups of students, teachers and parents, volunteer at the Door is Open. On Thursday, I had a great group of Grade 10 boys along with two moms working with me. We made well over 200 sandwiches, then served soup, sandwiches, some sweets, coffee and tea. A beautiful thing happened while we were waiting for lunch to begin. There was a piano in the corner and Josh B. started to tickle the ivories – soon after, one of the nuns came out, gave Josh a sheet of music and the magic began. A little later a gentleman with a guitar joined the group and we were treated to some beautiful music (Eidelweiss, but with different words). We were invited to join in and the group sang for everyone – it was pretty neat!


   ~ Miss Lane, Math Teacher and Door is Open

                         Volunteer Coordinator

Matan, Eytan, Adam and Felipe hard at
work making sandwiches

Learning through Doing!

This week in Chemistry 12, one of our labs included reacting magnesium with hydrochloric acid to find out how concentration affects the reaction rate. It was a fun learning experience!

   ~ Mikaela, Grade 12 

Mikaela, Shmuel and Gil observe closely as they wait for a reaction

Head of School Blog

Why are we here?

As this is my first blog post I thought I would start with the easy question in the title. Before I do not answer that question as some might prefer, I would like to answer another question – why am I ‘blogging’? The truth is that I write for myself – I love writing, though not in the traditional manner. I prefer to write using dashes and not periods – I like thoughts that connect and that jump around. Every year I have written a blog or diary for our Grade 8 Trips to Israel. Many parents and grandparents have told me how much they enjoyed the way these vignettes were crafted. Well those were all written late at night when I was exhausted – so these may not be quite as fun as I plan to write while awake – wish me luck.

Visionary Voices

As we celebrate King David High School’s 10th year on Willow Street, we will be having a series of interviews with some of our visionaries, donors, and supporters. 

The first one is with Dr. Robert and Elke Mermelstein.

Dr. Robert and Elke Mermelstein have a deep recognition of the impact Jewish education can have on a community.     
Dr. and Mrs. Mermelstein
Dr. Mermelstein was born
in 1936 in Mukachevo, Czechoslovakia surrounded by people who saw the importance of a Jewish education. The local and regional Jewish community leaders, businessmen, and shop owners of Mukachevo, including Dr. Mermelstein’s father, came together to establish a secular Jewish elementary and high school with instruction in the Hebrew language. Their primary objective was to significantly improve the quality of life and minimize poverty for current and future Jewish generations. Their school was established in 1924, roughly 60 years prior to the establishment of King David High School (formerly Maimonides School). 

                                          Read more

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