Weekly Newsletter – June 15, 2018

June 15, 2018  / 2 Tammuz 5778

    Shabbat Begins: 9:02 p.m.   Shabbat Ends: 10:27 p.m. 
Parsha: Korach: Numbers 16:1-18:32

The King David Outdoor Education department has had a busy May and June to conclude the school year. In May, the Grade 9 and 10 students involved in Outdoor Education participated in overnight hikes. 34 students jumped at the opportunity to go, and before their departure they participated in two training sessions to learn about bear awareness and leave-no-trace camping. The students were split into three groups, and each group took a separate trip to Cheakamus Lake to hike and camp overnight. It was a great experience for the students to see the amazing wilderness around them, and to learn about care of the environment and their own personal resilience.

Athletics Director David Amram and Coach Ran Shpanya with students 
recognized at the assembly

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On Tuesday, students and staff gathered in the Atrium for King David’s annual Heart of a Lion Athletics Recognition assembly. The Heart of a Lion is given to student athletes who demonstrate excellent sportsmanship and teamwork, a positive attitude, competitive spirit, and integrity, as well as respect for opponents, officials, fans, and coaches. These are athletes who illustrate the true spirit of friendly competition while showing PRIDE on and off the court, and being a model student in the classroom as well.

Athletics Director David Amram and Coach Ran Shpanya with Ben Mizrachi who was recognized for his mentoring of athletes and being an exemplary role model in good sportsmanship.

On Thursday, we received the news that Rachel Bugis received the GVISAA Grade 12 Female Athletics Scholarship. This scholarship awards an outstanding athlete who participated in at least two GVISAA senior sports while maintaining excellent academic results, being active in the school community and demonstrating outstanding citizenship and sportsmanship. Rachel participated in three GVISAA sports at a high level, volleyball, basketball and soccer.  Rachel is King David’s first female recipient. Mazal Tov, Rachel and best of luck next year in your studies.

On Thursday evening, French 10 students,Teah Bakonyi, Hannah Casseres, and Ella Pekarsky, guided by French teacher, Ashley Miller-Bouchard, brought together King David staff and their parents, for a wonderful dinner and presentation – en français, of course – that explored what they have learned this year in French. While volunteers brought out a delicious four-course meal designed and prepared by the French class, the students described their favourite childhood items and memories, and explained the differences between French culture in France compared to Quebec in regards to fashion, history and architecture, and education. The presentations were given in both French and English – bilingualism at its best.

The evening was a successful demonstration of the power of cross-curricular learning. The students combined Art, Home Economics, and French, to create a fantastic event that allowed them to develop their skills in a variety of areas and display the depth of the lessons they have learned throughout the year. 

Special thanks to Foods teacher, Hilit Nurick and her team of volunteer chefs and servers, as well as Art teacher Ali Margulius and Eva Dobrovolska, Grade 10, for creating the beautiful decorations that added to the ambience of the evening.


On Thursday, during a school-wide assembly, we sadly said l’hitraot and todah rabah to our wonderful shinshiniot, Diana Feldman and Maya Serruya. As Israel emmisaries, they have shared thier passion for Israel with us all. We will never forget the meaningful Yom HaZikaron ceremony they developed this year nor the relationships they created with our students and staff. Enjoy your remaining time in Canada and best of luck as you return to your families and to your military service in Israel!

Last Friday, King David staff and students were treated to a performance by the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, "The Landfill Harmonic"This orchestra from Paraguay plays music with instruments made entirely out of garbage from the landfill that overwhelms their town. Their story is a testimony to the transformative power of music and the resilience of the human spirit. The orchestra harnesses the power of music to better children’s lives and to support social change in their community.

Our students were engaged throughout the performance and some were delighted to join the orchestra to try the recycled instruments!

Liam Video

Listen to Liam Greenberg, Grade 8, play the guitar made from two candy tins!

Thank you to the Ben and Esther Dayson Foundation for providing us with this meaningful pportunity.

King David High School is excited to announce that it has received a grant as part of the day school initiative through the Center for Israel Education (CIE). As one of eight Jewish day schools in North America selected for this initiative, King David will partner with CIE over the next three years to enhance Israel education at the school. 

On Monday and Tuesday, Dr. Tal David, Day School Education Specialist for CIE, visited the school to kick-off the initiative. She says, "In a time when history is being rewritten by vocal interest-driven groups, the imperative "VeShinantam LeVanecha" (you shall teach your children diligently) has become more pressing than ever. Not only do our students encounter the typical online disinformation and the various narratives of the Arab-Israel conflict, but also the legislation of European elected officials disavowing any culpability or responsibility for the past. Against the overwhelming tide of so-called ‘fake news,’ it is hard for students to discern truth from fiction and even harder for teachers to know what and how to teach about Israel."

The CIE has trained thousands of educators with effective strategies for teaching Israeli history, politics, economics, and culture. At the core of this instruction is the use of primary sources to tell the story of Jewish self-determination, state building, creativity and ingenuity. Now, through a generous grant, over the next three years, CIE will mentor our King David faculty to enhance teachers’ content knowledge and pedagogic approaches, leading them to create new, impactful Israel curricula for all grades.

Dr. David met with staff, administration, and community leaders to learn about our approach to Israel education and begin conversations about how the school hopes to grow. Continuing with this work, Social Studies teacher, Amanda Cameron, and English teacher, Richelle Goodwin, will attend a CIE seminar in Atlanta this summer.

"As CIE sought day school partners with whom to unfold our grant initiative for Israel education, criteria included committed leadership, high faculty engagement, wide community support, and a submission statement of goals with measurable outcomes of success we felt we could support. After my first visit, it is clear that King David is a school that enjoys widespread community support for Israel, employs passionate teachers, and has visionary leadership. We have no doubt that in the years to come, we will see students become well versed in Israel’s history and articulate about the role Israel plays in shaping their identity," says Dr. David. "I am thankful for the warm welcome and embrace of the community, and look forward to returning to King David and the Vancouver community for next steps."

Shabbat Shalom!


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