Grade 8 Israel Trip Update – Day 10

Mifgash 2018   
Day 10
If you’ve been following the updates you’ll know we’ve been doing quite a few things over the course of the past week and a half. And we were determined to have one last day together, squeezing everything we could into our whirlwind tour of Israel. So we were up early to start our morning in Jerusalem and there was but one place to go – Aroma! Just kidding, we went to the Old City and the Kotel.
Jerusalem is quite a striking city, and as we toured through the Old City, our tour guide Barack adeptly pointed out the many key points of interest and unique historical sites which seemed to dot the landscape in every direction. Within the walls of the city we stopped at many spots, including King David’s statue and tomb, the ruins of an ancient Roman thoroughfare, and a perfect lookout area where we had a great view of the Dome of the Rock and surrounding city.
We then made our way to the Kotel. Just before, many of our kids took a moment to write a note to place in the wall. Once there, all our kids took some time at the wall, each in ways that were meaningful for them, and several boys wrapped tefillin. Once complete, we fled the hot mid-day sun and boarded the bus and headed to Tel Aviv.
Our first stop in the city was the Carmel Market, which if you’ve never been, is an interesting shopping experience. On either side of a long narrow walkway are scores of vendors selling a wide array of wares including kippahs of all colours, t-shirts, souvenir knick-knacks and, judging by the scent of some of our students, knock-off perfumes and colognes. Interestingly, of the many stalls, easily half were selling underwear, which lead me to think that Tel Aviv, or even Israel itself is experiencing some sort of underwear shortage, or more likely, given the many varieties and quantities available, an underwear Renaissance.
One last group shot!

The rest of the day I am going to let your child relate to you – I want you to have something to talk about in the car on the way home or in early April when your child regains a somewhat normal sleep pattern. I would recommend asking about the Palmach Museum where they learned about a very unique period of Israel’s history, or asking them to demonstrate their newly developed whistling skills (I can’t say any more: I’ve said too much already).
Before finishing, I’d like to extend our sincere thanks to the Jewish Federation of Vancouver and the Gesher Chai Committee for their generous support of this trip and the incredibly meaningful experience it creates for our kids.
These ten days also takes the hard work of a dedicated team of people. Our team of chaperones this year was simply fantastic. I really want to thank Matt, Corin, Lu, Debbie, and Dorin for everything they have done on this trip. They have taken excellent care of your kids, had very long days, and really made it their mission to ensure all the kids had a great experience. I’m very appreciative of the time they’ve dedicated to the trip and the time they have spent away from family, friends, and sleep. Thank you as well to everyone back at King David for filling in for our team, and to Russ for looking after the school and keeping everything humming along.
We’re up early again tomorrow and off to the airport for our long journey home. We will be coming into Vancouver on flight AC 33 from Toronto and expect to arrive at approximately 10:12 p.m. Please continue to check the YVR website for exact arrival times.
This is where I leave you; I’ve got quite a bit of packing to do and I still have the nightly combing of my beard to do (100 strokes on each side). Thanks for reading and we’ll see you tomorrow night.
Until then…

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