Weekly Newsletter – February 23, 2018

February 23, 2018  / 8 Adar 5778

    Shabbat Begins: 5:28 p.m.   Shabbat Ends: 6:35 p.m. 
Parsha: Tetzaveh:  Exodus 27:20-30:10

Mazal Tov to Hilit Nurick and her entire Grade 10 Foods team (Teah Bakonyi, Micaela Buchman, David Clark, Sagiv Fadida, Noah Levinkind, Camille Millman, Neev Mizrachi, Brendan Moss, Ace Murphy, Ilay Paz, Ella Pekarsky, Rachel Porte, Rachel Rosenblatt, and Josh Switzer) for an outstanding Lion’s Den event on Thursday! 

With support from Grade 11 and 12 students Leah Weidman, Aidan Garfield, Rachel Shtrambrant, Natalie Diamond, Brad Kahn, Ben Mizrachi, Matthew Porte, Mitchell Neuman, Aaron Casseres, and Grade 11 students, Gali Goldman, Gabe Israel, Megan Isserow, Natasha Klass, Samson Levy, Ally Lutrin, Avi Mattuck, Lauren Shore, Yael Toyber, Giovanna Markman, Emma Cooper, Dina Ferera, Hannah Marliss, Zack Seguin, Zoe Shnier, and Gabe Stern, they created an exceptional and memorable Thai-inspired evening. Parents, grandparents, and community members were impressed by the menu, presentation, and taste of all the dishes. They found it difficult to believe that these were all created by Grade 10 students! Thanks as well to the other students in Grades 9-11 who acted as hosts and servers, and just ran themselves off their feet in support of our chefs! Kol Ha’kavod to all.

The food service was accompanied by the mellow sounds of Thai music. Yasher Koach to Music Teacher, Johnny Sequin, Gabe Stern, Landon Slobin and Jillian Marks for adding to the ambiance for the evening.

Thank you too, to King David’s Art Teacher, Ali Margulius, and her team of students who created the decorative panels for the evening.

Grade 12 students,Matthew Porte, Ben Mizrachi, Leah Weidman, and Mitchell Neuman with Hilit Nurick (centre) after their final Lion’s Den together!

An insider’s view of the kitchen activity:

"I had the very special privilege of getting an insider’s view of The Lion’s Den tonight as a special guest helper in the kitchen.
I know that the families were impressed beyond belief with all that was experienced out in the ‘dining room.’ As spectacular as I’m sure it all was out there, it was nothing compared to what was happening behind the scenes.
The dedication and enthusiasm and positivity that I witnessed was really something special. EVERYONE participated with such joy and focus. The pride in what they were achieving together was palpable.
At the helm of this extraordinary ship was of course our precious colleague Hilit. I have rarely seen such calm, respectful and well-orchestrated chaos. Hilit, what you and your students accomplished this evening was remarkable! Thank you for letting me be a part of the magic. Mazal Tov to you all on such an incredible success."

~ Jordana Corenblum, Post Secondary Counsellor

After many weeks of classroom preparation, our Grade 8 students became the teachers and did an excellent job of keeping their parents, grandparents, and siblings engaged in discussion. They asked what qualities a hero possesses that makes them heroic. To find out, they referred to three different portions of Shemot (Exodus), analyzing six verses that describe the Hebrew Midwives, Shifra and Puah, then continuing with the daughter of Pharaoh (Batya) who saves Moshe from death in the Nile. Finally, Moshe appears in the text first as a baby and then as a young adult going out "to see his brethren" in the land of Egypt. A parent shared with us that they were surprised by how engaged they were in the conversation! 

Click here for more photos

After the learning portion of the evening, families sat together for a delicious dinner prepared by NAVA Kosher Cuisine.

Our sincere thanks go to the Teacher Institute for their support in allowing us to provide this opportunity to our families.

Wellness Week is a program developed for King David students based on the priority that our students have naturally placed on Mental Wellness. Over this school year, Mental Wellness has been infused into the theme of RAC Week, Social and Emotional Learning, and Bell Let’s Talk Day.

On Monday, Dr. Shimi Kang, a local psychiatrist, best-selling author, and founder of the Dolphin Kids programs, addressed King David students during a school-wide assembly. Her main topics touched on the importance of including wellness in all of our lives based on research and evidence that stress is at an all-time peak and is the "number one leading cause of illness in the world" according to the World Health Organization.

Daily, each grade had an opportunity to participate in activities that Dr. Kang gives as the remedy for stress, which she breaks down into the categories of "Play, Others, and Downtime". Dr. Kang stressed the need to include regular play in our lives, that others around us improve our character, confidence, and empathy, and that carving out downtime is essential for fostering wellness. It’s been a lot of fun! Students have asked if they can do more, as it felt so good to just take a break!

A King David faculty member shared with Lu Winters, King David’s Wellness Counselor, 

"I just wanted to let you know that I heard some excellent feedback about Wellness Week from some Grade 8 and 9 boys. They all thought that Wellness Week should continue for the rest of the year, and were very excited about everything they got to do."

As a recent graduate of Simon Fraser University and an alumnus of King David High School, I am excited to return here to support the Athletics program and PE students! I have a degree in Biomedical Physiology with a focus of active health and sports. My passion to help others has led me to become a personal trainer, where I specialize in strength and conditioning. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge of sports and athletics with King David’s students.

Ran has joined the King David faculty as an Athletics Assistant and Coach.

"Last week Suzanne Ferera, a therapist, came to talk to our Psychology Class about parenting. She introduced different strategies that she teaches to support parents and their children. We learned about "Descriptive Praise", which stresses a more specific and meaningful way to praise and change behaviour. Another idea we learned was reflective listening, which is similar to descriptive praising; the parent should recognize the emotions of the child and respond accordingly and with respect. 

We really appreciated hearing the strategies of a professional therapist and hearing about what goes into her work. The class thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and asked many questions."

~ Isack Kastiel, Grade 11

For the third consecutive year, our Senior Boys Basketball team are the Lower Mainland Senior Boys Basketball "A" Champions! They play with heart, passion and great sportsmanship and have secured a spot in Provincials! Way to go, Lions!!

Back: Shaina Gurevich, Rachel Constant, Daniela Kaplan, Thiago Goldbach, Jonny Malowicki
Front: Gabe Stern, Jillian Marks, Devin Gorski, Landon Slobin

The Music 11 and 12 Acoustic Band had the opportunity to volunteer and perform at Louis Brier on Wednesday.

Shabbat Shalom!


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