Weekly Newsletter – February 2, 2018

February 2, 2018  / 17 Shevat 5778

    Shabbat Begins: 4:53 p.m.   Shabbat Ends: 6:03 p.m. 
Parsha: Yitro: Exodus 18:1 – 20:23

Whenever possible, King David offers our students opportunities for quality, educational experiences that will enrich their Jewish Life education. These past two Thursdays, we have been lucky to have had Elad Pelleg, Vancouver’s Habonim Shaliach, present us with an interactive exhibit in honour of International Holocaust Day, which was on January 27.
The exhibit, entitled "Rebellion of Hope," took students on a virtual tour of history. Beginning with Jewish life before the war, students learned about European Jewry and the popular movements of the time. They were introduced to how the rise of Nazism came about, and the consequent ghettoization of the Jewish population. They discovered what life was like in the ghetto and the special role that wartime Jewish teens played in organizing underground schools and activities, and acting as messengers. The presentation ended with a description of the Warsaw Uprising.
The exhibit was experienced as a combination of informative posters, videos, and discussion groups, as well as a chance to act out certain aspects. 

"It was interesting to learn a different perspective about what was going on in the Jewish community at the time." 
~ Ro’i Jankelowitz, Grade 11
"Insightful to know how various Jewish Youth Movements were established and how they form the building blocks of our summer camps today." 
~ Noah McNamara, Grade 11
"It was a different and unique perspective because it showed a different aspect – hope." 
~ Maytar Fadida, Grade 12

Grade 10 students Romy Ashkenazy, Ella Pekarsky, Oren Matthews, 
David Clark, Ilay Paz, and one of the workshop presenters 
attempt to create a Magen David 

Adam Shiff and Mitchell Neuman add weights to their bridge to test its durability.

As part of their learning about forces and torques in equilibrium, the Physics 12 students took on the challenge of competing for the strongest spaghetti bridge. The goal was to use only pasta and hot glue to build a structure that would support a minimum load of 10 times its own weight. The student pairs conceived a wide variety of designs, with most exceeding the goal and reaching loads 15 times the weight of their bridge!

"Our bridge project was a creative way to allow us to learn and explore new material. Having no prior knowledge about bridges, after researching and building our project we can now confidently say that our understanding of how to compare tension to compression in order to create the required structure of a bridge that can withstand the necessary weight is very proficient!"
~ Rachel Bugis, Grade 12

Shabbat Shalom!


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