Weekly Newsletter – June 24, 2016

Thank you from the Class of 2016
As the year comes to a close, we extend our sincere gratitude to our dedicated parents, grandparents, alumni, staff and community members who generously support King David on an annual basis. You continually show your commitment to Jewish education through your leadership and generosity.
We are grateful to…
Gordon and Leslie Diamond
The Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver
The Diamond Foundation
The Kahn Foundation
Dr. Robert and Elke Mermelstein
Gary Averbach, Ben and Esther Dayson Foundation, 
Jewish Community Foundation, Russ Klein and Deborah Youngson, 
Bill and Risa Levine, Zev and Elaine Shafran, 
The Phyliss and Irving Snider Foundation
The Betty Averbach Foundation, Dr. Arthur and Arlene Hayes,
Inflection Management Inc. and Ari Shiff, Carla van Messel, and Family
The Cristall Family: Gary Morris and Jackie Cristall Morris, Sylvia Cristall, Alex and Jodi Cristall, Harvey and Jody Dales, Leon and Rose Marie Glassman, Kevington Building Corporation and the Khalifa Family, The Marsid Family Foundation, Norman and Sandra Miller, 
Dr. Mark and Natalie Rosengarten, Arnold and Anita Silber, 
ZLC Financial: Mark and Laurie Zlotnik
Bradley J. Freedman Management Law Corporation, Elliot and Janna Glassman, Esther and Stephanie Glotman, Claudio and Ruben Grubner and Families, Dr. Robert and Marilyn Krell, Dan and Trudy Pekarsky, Jeff and Carla Swartz, Kerry Swartz and Analee Weinberger
Michael and Lisa Averbach, William Clark and Danna Marks, 
 Norman and Marlene Franks, Mason and Myriam Freedman, 
 The Israel Family, Dr. Saul and Lindsay Isserow, Daniel and Heidi Lipetz, Lohn Foundation, Leon and Shirley Menkis, Dr. Andrew and Shawna Merkur, Dr. Dina Mintz and Family, Josh Pekarsky and Dr. Marla Guralnick, Yvette Porte, Jonathan and Liora Rosenkrantz, Dr. Nathan and Sarah Schaffer, Dr. Stephen Schertzer and Dr. Ruth Wingerin, 
 Myles Wolfe and Barby Solomon, David and Elaine Youngson
Surella Ames and Family, Dorin and If’at Eilon-Heiber, Ron Ezekiel and Dr. Shelley Perlman, Selman Furman, Jeffrey and Sonia Hayes, 
Dr. Kevan and Rikki Jacobson, Basil and Selman Kallner, David and Eva Kaplan, The Landsberg/Shenkier Family, Elliot and Megan Laskin, David and Judy Mandleman, Ken and Dr. Debra Miller, Brent and Lisa Pullan, Lyle Pullan, Joel Silverman and Elaine Grobman, Adam Stern and 
Dr. Debbie Jacobson, Perry and Laureen Teperson, Heather Wolfe
Debbie Aarons, Sidney Alperstein and Rochelle Moss, Debbie Appelbaum, Arnie and Susan Fine, Kenneth and Roberta Freedman, Morris and Leana Gaerber, Alain and Michelle Guez, Dr. Gabriel and Shirley Hirsch, Rabbi Jonathan Infeld and Lissa Weinberger, Alan Kenney and Heather Sirlin, Carole Malkin, Dr. Roy and Sigal Mathews, Dr. Luis and Esther Mogyoros, Norman and Lola Pawer, Daniel and Dale Porte, Michelle Pullan, Ralph and Vivian Rothstein, Greg and Melanie Samuels, Jason and Roberta Spevakow, Dr. Sam and Natalie Wiseman
Douglas Adams and Libby Goszer, David Amram, Norm and Sheila Archeck, Sarina Auriel, Dr. Auby and Juleen Axler, Jeffrey Balin and Jennifer Shecter, Terry and Deborah Barnett, Helen Begley, Dr. Jeffrey and Charlotte Bell, Rami and Ellia Belson, Rabbi Stephen and Sarah Berger, Agi Bergida, Rob Bergida and Debbie Archeck, Khonas and Inna Bichins, Rona Black, Benjamin Bondar, Dr. Alan and Lisa Boroditsky, Steven and Shoshana Burton, Vianney Cabrera, Salomon Casseres and Dr. Michelle Kates, Randy and Chana Charach, Carole Chark, Todd and Naomi Constant, Jordana Corenblum, Barry and Barbara Cutler, Nilton Cynamon and Betina Zuckermann, Marcos Ergas, Fabio and Anat Feldman, Jon Festinger and Corinne Zimmerman, Michael Fish, Corry Flader, David and Deborah Freedman, Patricia Friedman, Stephen and Shari Gaerber, Barry Garfield and Ellen Gilfix, Philip and Keren Gertsman, Sidney and Marcia Goldbach, David and Shannon Gorski, Jeanette Greenhut, Marcelo Grinfeld and Ana Alfie, Jerry Growe and Nomi Kaplan, Melvin and Pia Guralnick, The Haebler Group, Danny and Ellen Hamburg, Alexander Hart and Dr. Kathryn Selby, Dr. Michael and Sharon Isaacson, Antony and Ruth Jankelowitz, John Joffe, Sandy Jorgenson, Arturo and Riba Kalb, Joel and Tara Kallner, Jason and Tammy Kalvari, Camelia Kasirer, Dr. Stephen and Sandi Kaye, Laurence and Tracy Klass, Dr. Rael and Dalya Klein, Terry and Carol Kline, Alex and Elaine Kliner, Edward and Heather Korbin, Robert Kraft, Julie Lane, Elizabeth Laugharne, Giselle Lawrence, Gary and Rhea Lazar, Brian and Sharron Levinkind, Mark and Diane Liederman, David and Shari Anne Linde, Mike and Haylee Linde, Michael and Tamar Lipton, Phil and Jennia Litsky, Deborah Litvack, Herbert and Evelyn Loomer, Jeff and Cathy Lowenstein, John and Gaby Lutrin, Boris and Ann Maliatski, Ari and Celia Malowicki, Dr. Joel and Lisa Marcoe, Carol Marks, Kevin Marks, Larry and Tyla Meyer, Michael and Luda Meyers, Gabe and Lisa Milton, Etsik and Dikla Mizrachi, Alex Monchamp, Israel and Sheila Moskovitch, Jessica Neville, Joe and Lyora Nifco, Hilit Nurick, Jason O’Sullivan, Rabbi Don and Meira Pacht, Michael and Reesa Pawer, Renia Perel, Harvey and Connie Permack, Max and 
Leona Pinsky, Eppy and Ellen Rappaport, Howard Riback and Donna Lewis, Breanne Rogers, Rabbi Andrew and Dr. Cirelle Rosenblatt, Josef and Marilyn Rosenblatt, Aron Rosenberg, Dr. Jeffrey Ross and Reisa Schwartzman, Liza Rozen, Barbara Rubanenko, Ken Saunders and Martine Marciano, Rabbi Joseph Saltoun and Esther Karasenty, Igor 
and Marina Selezniov, David and Sidi Schaffer, Jacob and Dina Schweber, Johnny Seguin, Arnie Shuchat and Nadia Yechouron, 
Mark Slobin, Marvin Stern and Sherri Silverman, Marcus and Susan Stiller, Philip and Shirley Swartz, Allan and Sandy Switzer, Bill and Frances Switzer, Efrat Tabi, George and Michele Tedford, Fred Tischler and Aimee Promislov, Moises Toyber and Sharon Bicas, Tibor and Angela Viragh, Hirschel Wasserman and Nicola Fried, Richard and 
Lisa Weidman, Anna-Mae Wiesenthal, Lu Winters, Zavi and Maureen Wiseman, Alan Woolf, Yaniv Yedid-Levi and Sharon Dwek, 
Dr. Gianni and Karen Zanotto 

* This list is for gifts received from July 1, 2015 to June 24, 2016. 

Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented above. 

Please accept our sincere apology if an error has been made, and notify us at

604.263.9700 or gro.s1539700950hdk@s1539700950oroyg1539700950ome1539700950 so that we can correct our records for

future publication.

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