Weekly Newsletter – June 10, 2016

June 10, 2016 / 4 Sivan, 5776
Shabbat Begins: 8:59 p.m.       Parsha: Bamidbar
   Shabbat Ends: 10:24 p.m.         Numbers 1:1 – 4:20
Mazal Tov to the Graduating Class of 2016!

Last night, our school was filled with parents, grandparents, siblings, community members, King David staff and students as we celebrated the King David High School Class of 2016. Our 35 graduates have worked very hard over the last five years, and together we honoured their collective and individual work, and the wonderful influence they have had on our school and community.

After a warm welcome from our Master of Ceremonies, Deputy Head of School Alex Monchamp, we heard a beautiful welcoming D’var Torah from Shmuel Hart, Class of 2016. Next greetings were offered by Board of Directors Co-Presidents Natalie Rosengarten and Ari Shiff, and then Rabbi Berger delivered his final lesson to the graduates. To close out the beginning of the ceremony we watched a slide show retrospective of each member of the Class of 2016.

Russ Klein, Head of School, delivered a farewell address to the graduating class. "You know I cannot stop kvelling. What the King David faculty have created here is so special – the levels of care and joy in this building are something that surrounds you as you walk the halls. One-third of the class here this evening have siblings that have already graduated from King David – amazing when you think how young a school we are. When next year begins, over 50% of our 35 graduates will have a younger sibling at King David – we are Family. Thank you to each of our graduating families for showing such commitment and belief in all of us at King David and for sharing your most precious gifts with us."

He told the graduates, "I want to encourage you to continue to live your King David life. Stay connected to your family, friends and teachers – past and future.  When you are upset do not disconnect and retreat into a digital device, reach out to people – remember your King David moments in how you made connections with classmates on retreats, on trips, and through volunteerism."

After each of the graduating students with their diplomas, individual student awards and scholarships were given out.

The last word was from the students who had chosen Izzy Khalifa to speak on their behalf. Izzy delivered a humorous yet heart-felt address acknowledging that as graduates they are about to embark on a journey to embrace change, and to affect it. In closing, Izzy said, "Parents, thank you. Your investment in our education at King David has produced a group of dreamers, brimming with great potential, and grounded by our history, culture and religion. Today, graduating from King David, we find ourselves at the edge of a precipice and when the right winds of opportunity sweep us off our feet, we are set to soar through the gates of change. Teachers, staff, Mr. Klein and Mr. Mo, we, as your graduating class, want you to know that we appreciate every lesson you have taught us and every inspiration you have left us with. From each of us, to each of you, thank you! So … class of 2016 … we’re here … it’s our time … let’s hold hands, take a deep breath and together run towards the gates of change. The world is expecting us and we’re ready."

We also want to note a special gift from our Parent Action Committee (PAC) who gave a handcrafted Mezzuzah to each graduate. When our graduates use their Mezzuzah they will know that a small piece of their King David home will always be with them.

After a wonderful reception at the school, a spectacular Graduation Dinner was held at Schara Tzedeck.

Thank you to the wonderful team of parent volunteers who assisted in decorating the school and also to the many staff members who made the evening such a success. A special thanks goes to our Graduation teacher sponsor, Julie Lane, who so capably coordinated all the details relating to the graduation ceremony.

Click here for a gallery of photos from the ceremony

As our graduates prepare to leave and move on to new challenges, we shared one more special Jewish moment with families on Saturday, June 4 where we celebrated our graduating students and expressed our gratitude to the students and their families. Together we ushered out Shabbat with the traditional light "third meal – Shalosh Seudos" followed by a Havdalah ceremony led by the Class of 2016.

Judaism often recognizes distinctions in life. The Havdalah ceremony marks the end of our Shabbat experience and the beginning of our next week of growth and accomplishment. Each year we use the Havdalah ceremony to mark this transition for our graduates as they move from one phase of their lives to the next. As we waited for Shabbat to end, the students so eloquently shared their reflections of their time spent at King David. The overriding sentiment was the close connections they have created as a grade and with their teachers.

"They  spoke with such poise and confidence and the sentiment and appreciation was overwhelmingly clear, thank you for sending us to King David, thank you to our parents and the staff of King David, and thank you for keeping the door open to our growth in what it means to be Jewish. I could not have been prouder of the students as they had grown so much, they recognized that because of your commitment to Jewish education they were here, together, exactly where they wanted to be."
~ Russ Klein, Head of School

Thoughts for Shavuot

In trying to figure out the essence of Shavuot, the natural place to start would be the Biblical verses that describe the holiday. In Leviticus the Torah states "And you shall count for yourselves, from the day after the Sabbath, seven Sabbaths, complete ones. Until the day after the seventh Sabbath, you should count fifty days." Does this verse resemble or remind you of any other verse in the Torah?  

Mazal Tov, Class of 2016!!
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