Weekly Newsletter – December 11, 2015

December 11, 2015  / 29 Kislev 5776
Shabbat Begins: 3:56 p.m.         Parsha: Mikeitz
    Shabbat Ends: 5:09 p.m.              Genesis 41:1-44:17
Chag Sameach and L’hitraot! 

On Thursday, December 3, King David welcomed a group of twenty students and two teachers from our sister school in Israel, Har Vagai. The week has flown by and the group will be heading home after Shabbat tomorrow.

During their time with us the group has been billeted with our students, learning how we live in Vancouver. The students have studied with our students, the teachers have prepared lessons with our teachers, and of course there has been much touring, eating, and laughter (and shopping!) 

Our gratitude goes to:
  • The Federation for their financial support that makes this possible
  • Dorin Eilon-Heiber and Russ Klein for all their behind-the-scenes planning that makes the logistics of the trip work, and for the care they take to ensure that everyone is happy throughout the trip
  • Liza Rozen-Delman and her committee of Grade 9 parents who organized a fun evening at the JCC for all the students
  • To the King David teachers who volunteered their time for this mifgash
We wish our visitors safe travels as they head home and we look forward to seeing them again in April 2016 when our Grade 8 students continue the Gesher Chai in Israel!

This video was prepared by the Har Vagai students to give you a glimpse into their school
(the first 30 seconds include our students from their trip last year).

Learning from Alumnus, Ryan Nadel

"I’m not very good at drawing. I’m good at designing," Art Spiegelman says. 

Ryan Nadel shared this information with us when the King David graduate came to visit our Grade 8 class on November 25. Nadel worked closely with Spiegelman on both digitizing his two-volume graphic novel Maus, which we have just finished studying in class, and making Meta Maus, the book that answers questions about Maus. When asked what it was like working with Spiegelman, Nadel said, "Art is a complicated person, but he’s so smart."

During our class Nadel played voice memos of the conversations between Art and his father, Vladek, whose story of surviving the Holocaust was the inspiration for the novel. This made the entire story feel so much more real. Nadel explained that the smallest of details can have the biggest impact. For example, in one of the scenes in the book Vladek is pedaling on his electric bike, and in the voice memo you can hear the bike’s noises in the background. This makes you feel like you were there with him, which adds a feeling of realness. 

Nadel explained that one of the questions about the book that is answered in Meta Maus is, why was this story made into a graphic novel? The answer is that mixing words with pictures is so powerful, and conveys emotions that words cannot get across. 

Ryan Nadel’s visit was both inspiring and enlightening; not many get the opportunity to have this experience and the Grade 8 class has been extremely lucky.

~ Avrel, Grade 8
Engineering with Paper Tubes

Grade 8 students met the challenge of building the tallest and strongest structure possible, using only newspaper and masking tape. They also looked at the work of architect Shigeru Ban, who is well-known for building significant structures with cardboard tubes. Partway through the process, students shared their observations, leading to revisions and improvements:
We discovered that the triangle is a strong shape, but we need a strong base. The star shapes are stronger when the tubes are smaller, but they do not fit together – yet!
Narrow tubes are the strongest, but if you bind a few together, they are even stronger. We will make either a teepee or a tree because those structures have worked before.
We figured out that the skinniest tubes are the hardest, and that triangles make a strong structure. The tips are weak, so we moved the joints in a little bit. We are also trying to balance strength with a light-weight structure.

The King David Ski Team

Ezra, Grade 8, gets in some practice on the slopes
David, Grade 8, enjoys his first trip with the ski team

This past Sunday the Ski and Snowboard team made their first trip to Whistler for the season. Seven students, along with Ms. Gardiner and Mr. Dichter, woke up early and caught the bus up to the mountain. The students tested out the race course in the morning, before doing some free skiing in the afternoon. Our team will return to Whistler next Friday for our first race of the year. It should be a great season up on the slopes. For students who do not want to race but would like to enjoy a day out on the slopes with friends the Outdoor Club is having skiing events in the new year.
Taking a Moment to Breathe

On Monday, December 8th, we welcomed Debbie Litvack, mom of Shayna, Grade 11, and Jillian, Grade 9, who came in to teach a yoga class to help us unwind at the end of Term One. The PE 9 Girls class transformed the Library into a yoga studio and everyone had a great time, stretching, strengthening, laughing, and relaxing! We are planning on doing more yoga around the busy Mid-year Exam week in the new year.

I felt the class was really fun, I felt relaxed and it was a really good first impression as I have never done yoga before. Thank you Ms. Yaxley! 
      ~ Giovanna 

Yoga today was an amazing experience for my peers and I to connect spiritually, but in a fun way. I was able to learn lots of new poses and exercises as well.
~ Zoe
Noga, Neve and Josha, Grade 12, at the Rally
Climate Change Rally

The Climate Change Rally was a sight to behold – hundreds of people gathered together on a cold November Sunday to stand up for the rights of the planet, and speak to the responsibility we have as environmental stewards. The entire atmosphere was positive, and I cannot imagine anyone walking away from the experience without both a renewed sense of hope for the next generation, and knowledge of what can be done to reverse environmental damage. I was only there for an hour, but the event was inspirational enough to prompt many conversations with my family around the dinner table.

~ Josha, Grade 12
Applications Open for 2016-2017

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New Student applications are completed online and are due by January 11, 2016.  

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Chag Sameach! Happy Hanukkah!
Community Events

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