Weekly Newsletter – June 5, 2015

Mazal Tov to the Class of 2015
Last night, our school was filled with parents, grandparents, siblings, community members, King David staff and students as we celebrated the King David High School Class of 2015. Our 29 graduates have worked very hard over the last 5 years, and together we honoured their collective and individual work, and the wonderful influence they have had on our school and community.

After a warm welcome from our Master of Ceremonies, Deputy Head of School Alex Monchamp, we heard a beautiful welcoming D’var Torah from David Rosenblatt, Class of 2015. Next greetings were offered by Board of Directors Co-Presidents Natalie Rosengarten and Ari Shiff, and then Rabbi Berger delivered his final lesson to the graduates. To close out the beginning of the ceremony we watched a slide show retrospective of each member of the Class of 2015.

Russ Klein, Head of School, delivered a farewell address to the graduating class. He told the graduates, “So this milestone reached – what next?  Much to your parents dismay I am going to tell you my truth – there is no rush. Develop habits and attitudes that will help you be successful in any situation – learn how to listen to people, then learn how to talk to them. Make friends. Get involved. Don’t sit still. Apply the lessons of Tikkum Olam, Menschlichkeit and Tzedekah. Give. Be Jewish and be proud. Be you.”
Grad 2015 Montage
After Russ Klein congratulated and presented each of the graduating students with their diplomas and individual student awards and scholarships were given out.

The last word was from the students who had chosen Ira Adilman to speak on their behalf. Ira delivered a humorous but heart-felt address acknowledging the role teachers played in the success of students and the value of each of his classmates. He ended his address with a story about two fish swimming in a bowl, one asks, How’s the water today?” to which the other fish replies, “What water?” Ira said, “Although I did not understand what this story meant, I soon came to understand its significance of the story and its connection to our time at King David. Too often do we live our lives swimming aimlessly from class to class, unaware of the “water” that keeps us afloat. The parents, teachers, coaches, volunteers, administration, students and values; these are the things that have kept us breathing throughout our last five years. Thank you!”

We also want to note a special gift from our Parent Action Committee (PAC) who made a handcrafted Mezzuzah for each graduate. When our graduates use their Mezzuzah they will know that a small piece of their King David home will always be with them.

After a wonderful reception at the school, a spectacular Graduation Dinner was held at Schara Tzedeck.

A few extra words of thanks. Thank you to the wonderful team of parent volunteers who assisted in decorating the school and also to the many staff members who made the evening such a success. A special thanks goes to our Graduation teacher sponsor, Julie Lane, who so capably coordinated all the details relating to the graduation ceremony.
A Special Havdalah
As our graduates prepare to leave and move on to new challenges, we shared one more special Jewish moment with families on Saturday, May 30 where we celebrated our graduating students and said thank you to each the students as well as their parents and siblings for the support during these challenging and rewarding years.

We ushered out Shabbat together with the traditional light “third meal – Shalosh Seudos” followed by a Havdalah ceremony led by the Class of 2015.

Judaism often recognizes distinctions in life. The Havdalah ceremony marks the end of our Shabbat experience and the beginning of our next week of growth and accomplishment. We used the Havdalah ceremony to mark this transition for our graduates as they move from one phase of their lives to the next. As we waited for Shabbat to end, the students shared their reflections of the time spent at King David.

Noahm said, “King David has done an exceptional job of preparing us for the real world, especially as Jews. During my time here I have faced the biggest challenges in my life, both inside school and out. Through these experiences and overcoming obstacles I have learned many life lessons that I will carry with me into university and beyond.”

Judaism is a part of my identity. Since the beginning of my King David journey we have always talked about what makes a person Jewish. We have talked about our ancient culture, rich in history and Jewish values, which has shaped me into the person I am today. Our ancestors were forced to sacrifice their lives to ensure our safety and freedom, and for this, I am forever grateful. King David has provided me with the morals and values I need to succeed as a global citizen. ” said Shelly.


Kai’s outstanding memory is, “I think what will always stand out to me about King David is RAC week. It was a time where we overlooked ourselves and focused on others. By doing mitzvahs it was a time for joy and bonding, all of us having the same goal in mind: to help others.” 

Parents had the opportunity to send in their reflections as well. 

We have had a long and dedicated relationship with King David High School. We were one of the first families who committed our children to “The New Jewish High School” in Vancouver, and we have been involved throughout its many name changes, Maimonides, Talmud Torah High School and ultimately King David. We have had one of our children at King David almost continuously for the past 14 years. Mia will be the last of our children to graduate from King David, so for us this is a bitter-sweet graduation year. King David has always felt like home for our family. We have always believed in the value of a Jewish Education, which instills in our children Jewish values and culture. The emphasis on tradition is significant, considering how busy and fast-paced our lives are and how our insular society is becoming increasingly more secular. King David has fulfilled its mandate in addition to providing an excellent academic programme by enabling our children to become life long learners.

~ Stephen and Sandi Kaye

Our children have developed a sense of responsibility not only to themselves, to our family, but also to our community. They have developed a sincere love for Israel; a passion for our Jewish traditions and a respect for all peoples in the world. This King David home provided our children with more than intellectual enquiry and skills, it showed our children how to care in so many diverse ways such as saving the environment and to take tzedakah as a personal responsibility. King David embraced our children with their unique challenges and gifts; fed their budding curiosities, strengthened their ambitions, and taught them the world is worthwhile. They have come out of this secure environment encouraged, confident and open-minded, ready to meet the world.

~  Gidon and Nadine Frame
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