Weekly Newsletter – May 1, 2015

May 1, 2015
5 Iyar 5775
Highlights from Washington, DC

Bright and early on Monday morning, the King David contingent of Grade 9 students and chaperones packed onto a bus to start their journey to Washington, D.C. After a long day of travelling the group arrived ready to take on the week’s activities. 



The Washington trip is an enriching experience for our students – not only is it a fun trip for the students, but it’s also very educational (they visit a minimum of 4 museums!). Students had the opportunity to spend hours at Washington’s best museums – the US National Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, the American History Museum, and Newseum. 

The focus of the trip is always the US National Holocaust Memorial Museum – an emotional, thoughtful, and beautifully put together exhibit which chronicles the events of the holocaust from the rise of the Nazis to liberation. The many artifacts, and layout of the exhibit create a very emotive experience in which you feel almost transported into the lives and experiences of the many photos and faces which surround you. 




In years past, our students had heard a survivor’s story, but in a large theatre setting with several other groups. However, our session with Ms Taube, a Holocaust survivor, was in a small classroom with just our students making this experience intimate and doubly privileged. 


The students were treated to great weather for the duration of the trip. They visited the national monuments and spent time in the air-conditioned museums of the Smithsonian where they saw the Wright Brother’s plane, experienced a fighter plane flight simulator, sights from the “Night at the Museum” movie, George Washington’s dress military uniform, the gowns of the First Ladies and much more.


With the students arriving back in Vancouver very early Friday morning, they’re enjoying a day off to recover from the whirlwind trip that is our annual Grade 9 trip to Washington!

Our First King David Rugby Team!


Our King David Lions have played three sets of games so far this season. Games are 14 minutes long allowing us to play three games per day. On both days we have walked away with two wins and one loss.  Impressively almost every player on the team has scored a try to give us our winning games. Our next game is against St. George’s on May 6th.  


Go Lions!

Our First Alumni Baby!


Mazal Tov to the Laniado and Braun families!

 Bar and Danny, Class of 2006, are the proud parents of son, Shai! 

Meet Dr. Rania Okby

Dr Rania Okby, the first female Bedouin physician in Israel, shared her story with us yesterday. We were amazed by the journey she has taken to merge the Bedouin culture with modern Israeli life.


Dr. Okby told us that she has had to fight the stereotypical roles for a woman and has had to remain steadfast in her beliefs to be a modern role model to empower Bedouin women. Dr. Okby answered many student questions and when asked what influence her Bedouin upbringing had on her, she said without hesitation “It gave me persistence.”


Thank you to Canadian Associates of Ben Gurion University for providing this opportunity. 

Duvdevan Soldier-Students


We were fortunate to have the Israeli Soldier-Students from Duvdevan elite unit address our Grade 10 and 11 students today. They talked to our students about the important role of the IDF and the challenges faced by Israeli teenagers and soldiers in becoming a soldier. 

It was also very interesting to hear how important it was to each of them that civilian casualties not happen, even if it meant endangering their own lives. Their yearning for peace was palpable. We thank Daniel, Ariel, Gilad and Boaz for their presentation and Dina Wachtel and the Friends of Hebrew University of Jerusalem for providing this opportunity to our students.

 Landmark Theatre

1 Hilarious Production

625 People


Celebrating King David High School


Thank you to everyone for your support!  

We look forward to a memorable, touching, 
and HILARIOUS evening!

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