Weekly Newsletter – December 19, 2014

December 19, 2014
27 Kislev 5775
A Great First Term!
Chag Hanukkah Sameach

On Hanukkah, an obvious question arises. Why did the rabbis choose to focus the rituals of the holiday on the light that miraculously burned eight days rather than the miracle of defeating powerful Greek forces? There are many answers to this question but I came across a beautiful and timely one this year. The answer came from a colleague and a Holocaust survivor when he was asked how he could still be upbeat and happy after all the tragedy that he had been through. How could he not be angry at the world? He answered, “A Jew never fights with a sword, he defends with a sword, a Jew fights with light. We fought Hitler not with anger but through light, by building a family and living with joy. He tried to kill us. We fight by being more alive.”

Although Hanukkah was a military victory – the symbol of who we really are is a candle. A candle dispels darkness and restores light. We are not out for war. We will defend with the sword, but when we fight we don’t fight with a sword. We fight with light. We want peace and freedom. Today our enemies are all around us. They aim for our most vulnerable. They attack us in our synagogues. We fight by increasing our prayer, our commitment to freedom, our caring and compassion toward others. That is how we fight and that is why the rabbis chose the increasing light as our symbol.

Katrin and Josh, Grade 10,  light the Hanukkiah

This year as we light Hanukkah candles, we should all focus on bringing a little bit more light into our lives, our family and our community.

Happy Hanukkah,
Rabbi Stephen Berger
Head of Judaics
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The Connections Continue!

Two King David parents, Pam Wolfman and Rutie Mizrahi, invited our alumni on programs in Israel, to join them for a meal in Tel Aviv on Wednesday. 


Happy to be together!


Aydan, Eitan, Igal, Deborah, Rutie and Liam


Igal and Pam
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