Weekly Newsletter – October 8 ,2014

October 8, 2014
14 Tishri 5775
An Action-packed Week of Sports!

Despite having only three days of school, this was another action-packed week for athletics which saw all our Girls’ Volleyball and Boys’ Soccer teams in action.

Junior Girls’ Volleyball Team with Coach Bauck

Our Junior Boys’ Soccer team finished off their season this week by earning a goal against their opponents. The boys have shown a great deal of growth and perseverance throughout the season. They have one more exhibition match coming up before the season is over.

Eduardo, Grade 9, fearlessly  tries to take possession of the ball

Our Senior Boys’ Soccer team played a very lively match on Monday and finished the game with a 
3-3 draw with St. George’s. It was a highly competitive game in which our Lions demonstrated their team spirit and sportsmanship.

Noah M., Grade 12 and Josh B., Grade 10, chase
the ball

For upcoming games for all our Lions, head to the Athletic Calendar on our Web page, or click here.

King David Introduces an 
Outdoor Club

This past weekend the outdoor club met for their first activity of the year. Several students gathered in Queen Elizabeth Park for a morning of slacklining and yoga. Slacklining is a balance-based activity where a participant balances and walks across a slackline that is tensioned between two trees. Our French & Spanish teacher, Mr. Schein, happens to be an experienced slackliner and skilfully demonstrated the art before the students gave it a try. After attempting the balancing act, students took part in a yoga session facilitated by Tanya Schneider. Tanya guided them through several sun salutations to help the group relax and stretch after their Yom Kippur breaking of the fast. 


Mikaela, Grade 12, provides support for Matthew, Grade 12, as he walks across the slackline.

The outdoor club plans to do rock climbing later this month. They will also have lunch time sessions to discuss outdoor skills, safety, and techniques.  
King David Fun Facts 
                 – Now You Know!

186 students – largest enrollment since 2008!


  • 86  students in Grades 8-9
  • 100  students in Grades 10-12
  • 94 girls
  • 92 boys
43 students in Grade 8 from elementary schools.

What do Teachers do on a Collaborative Day?

Learning in small groups

Collaborative days provide two hours of learning time and professional development for our teaching faculty. On Tuesday, the first hour was facilitated by Suzanne Ferera who focused on strategies for creating a positive, warm and consistent culture in the classroom. She had teachers highlight scenarios and then shared strategies for overcoming typical challenges.


Beginning over the summer, our faculty embarked on our first book study as a group, reading Carol S. Dweck’s book, “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success”. The second hour of our collaborative session was facilitated by our own Monica Mackie. In small groups, we discussed ways in which we can develop and model a growth mindset in 

ways which support our students to develop their own growth mindset.


Chag Sameach!
Building the King David Sukkah

For seven days, we move out of our wall-to-wall carpeted and air-conditioned houses and move into a little hut called a Sukkah. But how is this supposed to make us happy?! 

The lesson behind this practice is to understand that the physical objects with which we surround ourselves are not what make us happy. A person can live in a gorgeous home and be absolutely miserable. Or, he can live in a shabby hut and be ecstatically happy. The key to joy is success in our relationships. This includes our relationship with other people, with ourselves, and with God.

The Lulav and etrog that we wave offer important clues on how to achieve joy through relationships.


Read “How

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