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May 23, 2014
23 Iyar 5774
Alumni Share Post-secondary Experiences

Becky Glotman, Jenna Isserow, Jack Kalb, Marcos Mogyoros 
and David Kaye share their post-graduation journeys
Last week our Grade 11 and 12 classes had the opportunity to hear from top experts about what life is like after high school. Five King David alumni dropped by the school to take time to offer their perspective, advice and stories from their various post-secondary experiences. Becky Glotman, Class of 2010, Jenna Isserow, Class of 2010, David Kaye, Class of 2006, Jack Kalb, Class of 2012, and Marcos Mogyoros, Class of 2008, each offered valuable information and tips to our senior students. Although each of the five alumni have pursued very different paths after high school, they all had a similar message for our budding graduates. All five spoke about the importance of finding something they enjoy doing, that finding success is much more attainable when you’re doing something you love. The alumni also encouraged our students not to be afraid to fail. “My most profound and meaningful moments of learning and growth,” offered David Kaye, “came from my biggest failures.”

The Grade 11 and 12 students also took time to ask questions about a variety of topics ranging from how to study and manage their time to what to bring to residence and how to live on their own. As the session ended, all five alumni encouraged the students to contact them further if they had additional questions or wanted to talk about specific post-secondary programs.

Thank you to Becky, Jenna, David, Jack and Marcos for volunteering their time and speaking so honestly and helpfully with our senior students. 

Students as Teachers

Sophie presenting
her project

 In Psychology 12, students are now beginning to present our Term 3 Research Projects. We had the task of choosing a topic, researching it, and hosting half of a class in which we presented the topic. For my project, I chose to research Atypical Depression. I included a basic overview of the mental illness, an example of a questionnaire used to help doctors and psychiatrists provide a diagnosis, and a video about one person’s experience with the illness. The message I wanted people to take away was to stop the negative stigma surrounding mental illness. It does not define anyone. People do not realize how common these illnesses are. There is nothing shameful about suffering from one. Remember to reach out and not be scared to ask for help.

                       ~  Sophie, Grade 12


Learning from the Experiences of Others 

Kevin Brooks share his life-changing story


Kevin Brooks came to share his story with our Grade 11 and 12 students for the second year in a row. When I announced that he was coming, our students were so excited to hear his story again! We had a full house in the atrium. Kevin has been sharing his dramatic story with students around BC, Canada and the US through ICBC. He speaks of a choice he made when he was 20 years old, which changed his life forever. He became a paraplegic in a terrible car accident after a party where he chose to drink and then drive home. Kevin has an incredibly positive outlook on life and keeps overcoming obstacles. It is his life’s mission to share his story so teens can make safe and informed decisions. Our students were focused and engaged listening to his story and many stayed after the talk to ask him questions. We look forward to hearing his story again next year!

                      ~ Lu Winters, School Counsellor


Spirit Week Highlights King David’s Heart! 

The Grade 12 theme on Friday was Trees.   Sari, Deborah,  
Janine, Eli, Micah and Adam show their spirit!


This week, Student Council held a “Spirit Week” to raise money for their year-long charitable initiative, Watercan, which is a leading Canadian water charity dedicated to fighting global poverty by helping the world’s poorest people gain access to clean water, basic sanitation and hygiene education. Each day of Spirit Week featured a themed non-uniform day which included Twin Tuesday, Workout Wednesday, Throw-back Thursday and a theme of choice per grade for Friday. Together, students and staff raised $650 for Watercan


Kol Hakavod to all of our students!


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