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May 2, 2014
2 Iyar 5774
Grade 9 Trip to Washington, D.C.
Commemorating Yom Hashoah at the Holocaust Memorial Museum

Each year, the heart of our Washington experience is a visit to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. On Tuesday, our day was dedicated entirely to our visit to the USHMM. Both the temporary and permanent exhibits are always so thoughtfully put together. Moving through the museum you are compelled to think, reflect, and challenge your way through a plethora of emotions (often all at once).

One of the temporary exhibits our students explored is entitled “Some Were Neighbours,” which examines the impact of collaboration, complicity and indifference during the years of the Nazi regime; how countless ordinary people with the Reich and across Europe, from all walks of life, were essential to the execution of Nazi racial policies. This jarring account is then linked effectively to how, even today, through inaction, indifference and being a bystander many continue to negatively shape our world.

Sharing thoughts at the Holocaust Museum

The permanent exhibit, which we viewed in the afternoon, chronicles the events of the Holocaust from the rise of the Nazis to liberation. The many artifacts, and layout of the exhibit create a very emotive experience in which you feel almost transported into the lives and experiences of the many photos and faces which surround you.

Our students took the time to thoughtfully explore and take in the many ideas, images and experiences they encountered throughout their visit. This was most evident in our group’s debrief discussion they had afterward with Rabbi Berger as they were able to both articulate and question much of what they saw in the various exhibits of the museum.

Our Grade 9s assemble for a group picture
Yom Hashoah Assembly

Shelly, Ben, Maria, Artem and Daniel light yahrzeit candles.

This year for Yom Hashoah, King David explored a program that looked at the Holocaust from various perspectives. The program began with a respectful and symbolic dance choreographed and performed by three of our grade eight students. Then, we heard meaningful testimonies from first, second, and third generation survivors from within our school community. The program included lighting yahrzeit candles, English and Hebrew songs, as well as the chanting of El Malee Rachamim. 
To frame the event, we borrowed an exhibit called “In Defiance” from the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre. This exhibit explored the role that Jewish survivors who ended up settling in Vancouver had in resistance efforts during WWII. In addition to this exhibit, we also framed the Yom Hashoah program around 60 empty chairs, each reserved for one hundred thousand silenced voices of Holocaust victims. Even beyond the moment of silence, this year’s Yom Hashoah assembly had a sombre and reflective tone with respectful and mature student participants. We are very appreciative and honoured by everyone who supported, participated in, or witnessed the ceremony.  

Teaching for Tomorrow


Please join us for this year’s  Teaching for Tomorrow event as Linda Cohen, author of 1,000 Mitzvahs, shares her personal story of how small acts of kindness can heal, inspire and change your life. Together we will explore how implementing acts of chesed can enhance the well-being of ourselves, our children and our community.  


Date: Wednesday, May 14th at 7:30 p.m.
Location: The Norman Rothstein Theatre at the JCC

Tickets are $72 and include a dessert reception   


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