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March 14, 2014
12 Adar II 5774
Chag Purim Sameach

The building was filled with an extra dose of joy and fun as we celebrated the Purim holiday together! Students arrived dressed in costumes and were treated to a celebration led by the Grade 12 students along with Student Council.

A Purim Shpiel, performed by Grade 12 students and written and directed by Ira, Grade 11, kept us all entertained. This was followed by games and sweet treats.

King Ahasueras (aka Adam) and his guard (aka Jacob) prepare to send Queen Vashti (aka Lior)
out of the palace
Rabbi Berger, Ms. Gardiner and Mr. O’Sullivan entered in the spirit of the holiday by dressing up.

Lior, Sari, Alex, Rachel and Eden enter the
costume competition.

A Purim Message     
In the Megillah, Haman describes us as “scattered and dispersed.”

Commentators point out that this was Haman’s way of telling the king that we are not unified and therefore easy pickings for our enemies. Our response to that was the creation of four new mitzvahs: Mishtei ( a community party) Megillah (a community reading), Matanot Evyonim, (gifts to the poor to ensure that they are included in our community) and Mishloach Manot (sending gifts of food to friends to solidify and build our relationships with others).

Rabbi Berger questioned  students about Mishloach Manot, read their answers here

A King David Treasure!

Treasure Island

After barely making it out of the theatre alive – sword fighting, knife throwing, guns blazing – death and mayhem all around – and a number of stunning student theatrical performances – I am very proud of Ms. Ralph and the Treasure Island actors and crew.
The actors met the challenge of the gorgeous set and the audience truly enjoyed a serious play that included a number of lighter moments and great lines.  Thank you to Ms. Ralph for so many months of blood, sweat and tears… and to the cast and crew, Kol Hakavod for a job well done!
     ~ Russ Klein, Head of School

PE Fun!    
Mr. Amram and the Grade 8 Girl’s PE class.

This week PE took place at the Hillcrest Ice Center  where our Grade 9 girls went ice skating. Everyone had a blast skating together and many of the girls even played hockey.  It was a pleasure for me to be with them as they are all so friendly, enthusiastic and polite.  The attendant at the rink said the girls were such a great group because they all tried hard and were a pleasure to be around. 

Our next field trips will involve cycling at the Richmond Dyke and the Stanley Park Seawall.
   ~  David Amram, Athletics Director

King David Delegation at the Model UN   

Alex, Kira, Sam, Adam and Janine dressed for the cold!

We enjoyed two beautiful, chilly days of sunshine in Montreal for the Jewish-Canadian Youth Model United Nations (J-C MUN). A MUN brings students together to simulate the activities of the United Nations. The conference began with an opening ceremony and keynote speaker, Dr. Dan Deckelbaum. He shared his work to improve health outcomes for trauma patients in developing countries and rural areas where it can take hours or even days for people with trauma injuries to even reach a hospital. His examples of personal stories and some of the incredible attempts at solutions in less-than-ideal situations (for example, he showed a picture of a wheelbarrow being used as an ambulance in Haiti) were pretty powerful and interesting and will hopefully put some of the discussion and debates into a more personal perspective. An interesting fact is that death from trauma injuries accounts for more deaths than some of the more commonly publicized health concerns such as HIV-Aids and malaria.

The conference allows participants to learn about the countries they are assigned to represent, in addition to gaining an understanding of international relations. Our Delegation did their own preparatory research in advance, and then debated the issues in question at the conference, by playing the role of their country’s representative. They learn to debate, negotiate, represent views they may not personally advocate, as well as to make informed decisions quickly while under pressure.

Alex, Adam, Sam, Adina, Janine, Kira, Noah and Lior,
All Grade 12, enjoy dinner together at the
end of the first day.
Be Inspired to Do a Mitzvah!

The four mitzvahs related to Purim are around building community. Mishtei (a community party) Megillah (a community reading), Matanot Evyonim, (gifts to the poor to ensure that they are included in our community) and Mishloach Manot (sending gifts of food to friends to solidify and build our relationships with others).


The King David family comes together in many ways as a community through the shared values of a strong Jewish education and the mitzvahs of community and chesed through our Jewish holiday celebrations. The support of our annual Teaching for Tomorrow event is another way in which we come together in support of Jewish education. This year’s event will feature Linda Cohen, author of 1,000 Mitzvahs, who will share her personal story of how small acts of kindness can heal, inspire and change your life. Together we will explore how implementing acts of chesed can enhance the well-being of ourselves, our children and our community. 


Please join us for this inspirational evening!

Date: Wednesday, May 14th
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Location: Norman Rothstein Theatre at the JCC

Tickets are $72 and include a dessert reception.
For tickets, please click here.

Sponsors of $1,800 and above are invited to a donor recognition reception at King David at 6:00 p.m.

For additional information about sponsorships, contact Sharon Dwek or 604-263-9700 ext. 109.
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Parsha: Tzav
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Purim In Whistler

The Shiff/van Messel
family are hosting a megillah reading at their Whistler house on Saturday night at 9 p.m.

Anyone interested in participating, please contact Ari Shiff.

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