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February 21, 2014
21 Adar 5774
Can a school of 180 students perform
1,000 mitzvahs in one day?

Yes we CAN! 

Students celebrate reaching the 1,000 mitzvah goal

We spread 1,000 acts of chesed (kindness) throughout the Vancouver community this morning.  

Now the students challenge you
to set YOUR intent for chesed.

Here’s what you can do

Many people from this community have continued to spread chesed through Feed the Deed and Claudia Isserow has nominated King David spread kindness
Click here for more information. 
Raise $1,000 during RAC Week to continue supporting chesed at King David by  donating online through the Gabrielle Isserow z”l Fund. 

And RAC Week begins …


Preparing Shabbat gifts for residents of Louis Brier


Today, King David students took it upon themselves to do something bold, something different and out of their comfort zone. Not that doing good deeds and kindness is unusual around here – we seethem every day – but to go out and to do acts of simple chesed for complete strangers – that is out of most of our routine comfort zones. In setting out on a 1,000 mitzvah challenge, I am so impressed by your initiative and the support you have received from each other and your teachers.


This year we are focusing on the R of RAC, the Random. King David students have explored the notion of what we mean by chesed performed randomly. It is an irony perhaps that to do a random act of kindness, this randomness must be acted on with intentionality. It is a matter of taking the time, setting the intent to spread chesed and seizing the opportunity. We all know – and now scientists are even confirming this biochemically – that doing good deeds and showing gratitude are positive contributors to one’s personal feelings of health, wellness and resiliency. That is why days and weeks like this, our regular visits to the Door is Open Mission on the Downtown Eastside and our visiting lonely hospital patients, are such a focus in our building.  We have also watched with pride over the years as many King David alumni have continued the importance of chesed and philanthropy and have become leaders in social action on campuses across Canada.  

                ~ Russ Klein, Head of School 


Spreading the King David Values

King David alumni, Neta Rafaeli, Class of 2012, and Stephanie Mrakovitch, Class of 2010.

It has been four years since I graduated, and I continue to embody the values and skills that I learned at King David High School. As the President of the Jewish Students Association (JSA) at Hillel, at the University of British Columbia, I work closely with many King David alumni who share common values and leadership skills. King David is successful in its mission to foster students who impart Jewish values and develop into effective leaders.

The JSA believes in giving back to the community and supporting one another. This idea has attracted myself and Neta Refaeli, the JSA Philanthropy Chair and 2012 KDHS alumnus, to be part of such a great organization. As university students, we are becoming increasingly aware of the necessity for mental wellness, especially in light of the many stresses and challenges of day-to-day life. Many of us have experienced and been affected by mental health struggles within the Vancouver Jewish community.

In recognition of that fact, we have created Heartwork, an art show and benefit to support Jewish youth through the arts. Heartwork provides young Jewish artists (aged 15-30) in the community with the opportunity to show and sell their art, while contributing a portion of their sales to support a local Jewish cause. This year, we are supporting Chill Chat, a youth-driven support program that connects youth to one another, fostering trusting peer relationships. Through Heartwork and participation in the Chill Chat program, the JSA is working to establish a strong support system between university and high school students to create lasting connections and foster healthy balanced living. 
             ~  Stephanie Mrakovitch, Class of 2010

You can do a Purim Mitzvah and Support all Local Jewish Day Schools!  




Purim is just around the corner.  Deadline to order your packages is this Sunday. Don’t miss out!
Fulfill the holiday mitzvah of sending festive mishloach manot (gifts of food or drink that are sent to friends, relatives, neighbours, or business associates) and support King David High School at the same time!  Purim packages are a great way to honor the people you care about…


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King David is pleased to present 
Treasure Island

Tuesday, March 11 at 7pm
Wednesday, March 12 at 7pm

Buy Your Tickets Here

In preparation for this year’s amazing production of Treasure Island, our actors have been working with fight choreographer, stage combat instructor and performer, David McCormick. David works at Vancouver’s Academie Duello – a school of Swordplay and Western Martial Arts. David has been teaching our pirates how to create the illusion of violence onstage, with some dramatic scenes that include slaps, back-stabbing and sword fights – all in a days work for a pirate! The workshops require a lot of focus and physical endurance and the amazing fight scenes can be seen live onstage at our upcoming production.

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