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January 24, 2014
23 Shevat 5774
It’s not Physics – it’s Rocket Science!

On Thursday, Mr Klein and I were invited to the Physics 12 class to watch student presentations. To our surprise, we didn’t find groups of Physics students, we were suddenly in the presence of rocket scientists! During the unit on Circular Motion and Gravitation, our Physics 12 students were given the opportunity to use the Kerbal Space Program simulator to learn a bit about rocket science. This computer game has a very realistic representation of orbital mechanics and it was a great tool for students to apply the real life applications of the Newtonian dynamics concepts learned in class.
Initiating Launch … 
Students were able to simulate the construction of rockets and launch them from the game’s space centre launch pad. Each group had to consider the mass of their rocket and its fuel, and develop a craft that would survive the journey into outer space and return. Once launched, students had to dock their rockets in orbit and then simulate a successful landing on a moon and a planet similar to Mars. The gravitational theoretical equations learned in class confirmed the validity of the trajectories obtained. It was an excellent project which allowed our students to experience the real-world (or out of this world) applications of the concepts they had been learning in class.

Needless to say the presentations were outstanding. Kudos to our Physics 12 class and Mrs Lawrence.
       ~ Alex Monchamp, Deputy Head of School

Preparing for landing

Learning History from the Source


Mr. Bone shows a photo of his home in London


The History 12 and Social Studies 11 classes were very fortunate to have Mr. Peter Bone, a WWII Veteran, come in to share his experiences living in London during the war and as a crew member of a Lancaster Bomber airplane for the RAF. Mr. Bone was just 17, the same age as our students, when the war broke out. He spoke about the fear, tenacity and resilience of his fellow proud Londoners as they dealt with German air raids during the Blitz and how daily life and school continued as usual in spite of the attacks. It was powerful to hear about the determination and character to keep going under such conditions. Mr. Bone showed photos and played audio clips of famous historic speeches that added another dimension to his presentation.   


Today was a great experience for our students and many of them were very moved, asking thoughtful questions and staying to shake Mr. Bone’s hand and thank him for coming in. With fewer Veterans able to share their stories every year, we were very fortunate to have this great opportunity and thankful that Mr. Bone shared his time and his memories with King David.  


Thank you to Grade 12 students, Sophie and Micah, for their help with the presentation.

      ~ Carla Yaxley, History 12 Teacher   





Mazal Tov to the Senior Boys Lions Basketball team for receiving an honourable mention in the Provincial Basketball Single A rankings.  This recognition was published in yesterday’s Province Newspaper. This first time Provincial recognition is a big honour for the basketball program at our school, and demonstrates the passion, commitment and hard work that our players and coaches regularly put in to extracurricular athletics at King David High School.  Coach Amram reports, “I am is so proud of the boys and we look forward to the challenging road ahead with playoffs and zone championships set to begin in the middle of February”.  The Senior Boys currently have 8 wins and 2 losses thus far, with a notable win coming against a much larger Magee Secondary School.  The Lions play Pattison Secondary this afternoon at 2:00PM at the JCC.  Best of luck to the boys (Ira, Noah, Max, Artium, Benny F, Shmuel, Sam, Remey, David, Noahm, Bram and Tal)  and to all of our basketball teams this season.  GO LIONS!
Senior Boys Team in action


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