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December 13, 2013
10 Tevet 5774
It’s That Time of Year Again!

Itamar, Talya and Matan at a rehearsal

Preparations for this year’s spring production have begun. King David will be performing Ken Ludwig’s adaptation of the classic adventure tale written by Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island. The cast is made up of enthusiastic actors from Grades 8 through 12.  

“It’s a lot of work but it’s so much fun and so rewarding when it all comes together” says Grade 10 student Matty, who is the lead in the play. 
To help us make this the best play ever we are asking that anyone who has old tables, chairs, lumber or bed sheets (white or beige), to please donate them to the production. We are also in need of a volunteer with sewing skills and time to spare (please contact Ms. Ralph

Thanks also to PAC for donating the fantastic Treasure Island cast t-shirts. They look great!

Tuesday, March 10 at 7pm
Wednesday, March 11 at 7pm

2014 – 2015 Applications Now Open

What athletics opportunities will I have at King David?

King David’s athletic program emphasizes healthy, active lifestyles, success, fair play, and team-building. At King David, an impressive 50% of students participate in extracurricular soccer, basketball, track and field, golf, tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, softball and floor hockey. King David students participate in the Greater Vancouver Independent School Athletics Association; Lower Mainland Independent Secondary School Track and Field Association; and Independent Schools Association

Click here to complete the Online Application

Due date:
January 17, 2014

Making Pizza to Learn French!

Mitchell, Shea, Inbar, Ya’el and Tania chop vegetables
This week, Ms. Walker’s Grade 8 French class utilized the Foods room to make kosher pizza. This activity helped us to learn more in our French foods unit. We had two Grade 11 Foods students help us with the pizza making. A huge thank you to Ms. Watson, Max and Joshua who made this possible!

We had peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese and pineapple to put onto our pizza. Once Ms. Walker divided the class into four groups, we started the process. We practiced the four steps that we  learned in class.

1.    Couper les légumes (cut the vegetables)
2.    Rouler la pâte (roll the dough)
3.    Garnir la pizza (garnish the pizza with cheese
       and vegetables)
4.    Mettre la pizza au four (put the pizza in the oven)

When all of our pizzas were done, they all looked different and delicious and then it was time to eat!
                                   ~  Rachel, Grade 8

Todah Rabah!
Honour friends, relatives and colleagues with a King David tribute card. Tribute cards are a great way to acknowledge the simchas, birthdays, and rites of passage in our community while supporting Jewish education. Tribute donations include a card with your personalized message. Tax receipts are issued with a donation of $18 or more.

To order a tribute card online  click here or call 604.263.9700.

With appreciation, we acknowledge the following Tribute card donations made in November and December 2013 listed here.

(If you do not wish your Tribute Card donation acknowledged please let us know when you make your donation).

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Shabbat: 3:56pm

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Parsha: Vayechi
Genesis 47:28-50:26

Yasher Koach and
      Thank You!

Our top 3 student sellers of the PAC raffle were:

1.  Daniela Neuman won a  $50 gift card to Oakridge

2.  Shea Silverman won a $36 gift card to Oakridge

3.  Rachel Shtrambrant won a $18 iTunes gift card and iPhone accessories

Thanks to all our Grade 8
and 9 students who worked tirelessly at selling raffle tickets on behalf of PAC.

Proceeds will support the Israel and Washington, D.C. experiential learning programs.

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  January 6, 2014
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  high school juniors who  
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